Stand By Me

Enjoy the song

Something in this song and video caught me for a moment, so enjoy it if you have not seen it in YouTube. No man or woman is an Island they say, which is probably true and in all sincerity we need one another. Probably its something we need to do with one another, no matter what one's belief is or what one stands for, don't create those invisible boundaries because no matter what we need one another.

I am no preacher and its not a political message - just sing along in your hearts. The message the song is trying to tell us is to sing for change. What needs changing? Look at ourselves in the mirror and I will say the most important change that needs doing is the one you see there and also those you can't see ~ in our heart and soul. Change ourselves before we talk about change in other subjects - - Stand By Your Family, Friends, Loved Ones and Mankind.... and Womankind too :).... Happy Holidays.


Love the presentation!!
Pn Hamidah said…
The moment I saw the title I knew what it is. I love this song and remember singing it in medley with my choir group in one Police Function years ago.Kind of familiar with this Ben E.King's classic soul number and when we talk about changes, how about this excerpts:-
" When you think about it
Does it make you wonder
Do you find that everytime
You look around that things just get no better
You know it's all gone too far

So everyday take a stand
We're gonna make a change for the better"

Just offering another perspective(borrowing your words hehe..)Thanks to you sir.It's true we all need one another :)
Mizz Coki said…

This is the best! The mixed the performances from all corner of Mother Earth to produce this beautiful song. I'm touched. Hey ba dini nuan bulih tu?
GC said…
Beautiful message. GBU, thanks for sharing bro.
Oh yes. We do need one another.
Coffee Girl said…
*sniff* I'm glad I heard this song again. Yup, no one is an island.

Hey, Merry Christmas!