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Nadai Nama Nama Under the Weather

Some of the readers has been SMSing me again in the past weeks on the reasons for my slow updating of the blog in the past weeks. Is it due to the upcoming holidays or was I too busy closing shop for the year 2008? Nonetheless I have kept myself busy for the past few weeks and I have tonnes of materials to post for Christmas when my computer caught the bug. How it happened I do not know - I am supposed to have the latest antivirus software which is supposed to shield my computer from any latest threats. The technician who came to repair my PC suggested reformating my hardisk but I pleaded with him to find another solution - so he had to take the PC to an ICU (SAINS Centre) in Betong. So here goes for you guys out there especially on the occurrence of flash flood in Sri Aman town last Monday (last week).

When my computer went out I was in deep thought and went to CSI mode (Computer ScrewUps Investigation)

After a several tests it was deduced that the main cause of the crash was one of the 'pendrives' that had been fitted into my PC for one of our on going projects

One of the pendrives which was put in by our participating Committee members was full of viruses which autoruns. Several of the committee members have been raiding my PC with their supposedly safe pendrives and one of it screwed up my PC. Horation and I are still investigating

Lightning Flood in Sri Aman

Most of us in Sri Aman were surprised to see a report on the news (including Borneo Post and Utusan Borneo) that the town had been struck by a flash flood as high as 3 feet on 17 Disember 2008. news portal also picked the news too.

With these news transmitted Statewide including Radio Sarawak FM, those with relatives outside Sri Aman obviously were worried and kept calling one another including our Resident Office. It was fortunate on that night I managed to move around town to assess the flash flood situation. If not we would have to respond to queries from the Sarawak Disaster Committee Operations Room in Kuching which would tiff us off for not reporting a serious flood event in Sri Aman. Pictorial evidence indicates that the water level was not three feet as reported.

The picture of the flash flood at Century Building

Pedestrians walking on a 1 feet level water or three feet level water?

Pictures in the newspapers are usually angled to put some unrealistic image of the flash flood situation. Sometimes the local journalists who report it here tend to 'sensationalize' their news

The shopkeepers here wading in the flood - usually people would panic on the sight of rising waters but it seems that Sri Amanians convey to me the same story - the occurrence of this flash floods have always been part of their daily lives throughout their live. "Its not serious la...It will go away as quickly as it comes" one of the trader informed me

For some they call this flash flood a 'nuisance'

Shopowners come out to clean their five foot ways - some of the kids seem to be enjoying themselves

The playground at the Sri Aman Mini Stadium - the kerb in the picture is already 1 feet - so it would be wrong to say that the flood level was three feet, otherwise the kerb would be covered by flood waters

The water level is passable even by the mini Kelisa and Kancil
The road outside the Majlis Daerah Sri Aman (Sri Aman District Council)

Sri Aman News in the Making

Which is why, on seeing how famous blogs are becoming, I am glad that one Utusan Sarawak (Valentine Ngumbang) has taken into blogging. He covered the Pontianak Tale in his news which was widely read in Sri Aman when the event happened. Though I have informed him I will be guiding him in terms or format and design I will play no part in the news content he intends to publish. I adviced him that he needs to put his own character into. But if there are news that needs our Resident's Office verification he needs to refer to us as not to cause panic or unecessary inconvenience (like the flash flood news).

Good Luck Valentine - welcome to the blogging world with SriAmanNews!!


Pn Hamidah said…
Case 1 > Horatio's witty partner holding the case exhibit looks familiar.Latest software still susceptible to invasion.

Case 2 > Reporting is best served if there are proper check on facts.

Looking forward to news on current events in Sri Aman :)
GC said…
bro, love the Horatio pic hehehe, tak sangka sudah jadi member of CSI :)
cyrildason said…
The flood was one reason I scrapped the Kuching-Miri Trip..

DOn't want to get stranded, and after all.. no point doing the trip, if can't meet the asst resident of Sri Aman and get VIP treatment!! hehehe...
what a terrible flood
Amiey Alen said…
the flood caused my trip to miri canceled....heavy rain ruined my plan!!!