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Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jack Chua

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Chua celebrates their 2nd Anniversary with a bang!

Recetly I attended the Second Anniversary Celebration of the owners of Terminal One Fun outlet, Kuching.The pictures and postings are however put in my Nadai Nama Fun blog as its meant to be for the partying scene, so you can drop by there for more insights of the happenings there.


Nimi Momo said…
That guy looks eeringly familiar.
Hmmm...sorry to ask, may i know what kind of anniversary? Wedding?

If you are talking about wedding, it reminds me of my plan for wedding anniversary. Actually, i wanted to celebrate my anniversary wedding too but then, my wife told me to put the plan on hold. The best year will be the tenth year. They have a special name for that. But i can't remember.
Pn Hamidah said…
How I wish I dare have that kind of taste that can complement with yours hahaha...Knock off early and soberly is more like you my friend.
nicksuneo said…
Where is 'that' place location actually?