Countdown 2009

24 Hours and Counting

Everyone ~ let me correct that, almost everyone around the world is looking forward to 2009. Some lucky ones will get to see it, but some may fall short - not of thier choice but there is a far more greater power who decides when your time is up. If one is staying in the Gaza Strip now, or sailing the Somali waters, it gets tougher. So in this last few hours of the year of 2008, life for me goes on as usual and I would say I have been keeping myself busy. I hope to blog about my reflections of 2008 and anticipation and hope for 2009 but well, I 2008 still has some errands for me.

The final hours of 2008 mean a lot to my friends and relatives - some who are tying the knot at this year end. Weddings are common during this time especially - I observe that the restaurants are packed with wedding receptions be it in Sibu or Sri Aman. As I ply between these two Divisions I see cars, buses and 4WD vehicles bearing flags and 'Just Married' decos. This is usually due to the fact that during any year ends, relatives from afar come together (be it for leave or holiday) all for one reason - like it or not, to celebrate the coming of the new year.

One of the newlyweds party I manage attended was my relative's at Li Hua Hotel, Sibu - Congrats to Mr Len Barakas & Ms Jurah. Distance is not a hurdle as this Iban - Bidayuh wedding brings together the world of Song, Kapit (groom) and Padawan, Kuching (bride) together.

So when its relatives ~ it means adjourning to their house and there will be this session known as 'ngansar ke kaki sampai pagi' (party all night long) just for the fun of it as almost everyone there knows one another and we mingle with our new found relatives

I had my share these 'parties' and 'celebration' in Sri Aman be it for the pre Christmas celebrations or other reasons - one thing I notice is that during these functions the 'Poco-Poco' dance addiction is phenomenal. Anyway I believe its safer a safer alternative to the 'Shuffle'.

Chirstmas Show Cum Dinner 2008 organised by St; Lucke Chirch and RTM Rasa FM (Radio Sri Aman) - YB Tuan Masir Kujat the Member of Parliamemnt for P. 202 Sri Aman rendering his Golden Voice

And there we have it - the 'Poco-Poco' ~ the favourite dance for all who went to the dance floor. I have to admit that its easier than doing the Macarena.

The 'Poco-Poco' was made more livelier with some upbeat tunes by Mr & Mrs Jennarino Jeraki and Jenny Tan

I also attended a dinner to fete the outgoing Councillors of the Sri Aman District Council as their term ends this year 2008 ~ the dinner was officiated by YB Tuan Masir Kujat

And here the 'Poco Poco' dance performance by the Councillors was also the highlight that night

2008 also sees my friend who is famed for introducing the Pirate of Bintulu in my blog ~ Congrats to Mr. Alexander Donald who graduated with Master of Human Reource Development this year. Your 'Secret' of success must be shared with all of us one day.... hehe

My Christmas in Sibu

Christmas this year for the family was marked by attending Christmas Eve mass at the Sibu Iban Methodist Church. I am glad that I came in time too as the 'Pendrive' virus or something similiar to it struck again resulting in the PC which contained the whole night's program to stall. Cikgu Mamat who was operating the PC and LCD projector kept restarting the PC as it seemed to 'hang' whenever he try to get the PC to read the pendrive.

Cikgu Mamat looks resigned to defeat by the evil pendrive as all that comes out was ERROR and a blank screen. - little did he know that a CSI was amongst the congregation... Not Horatio Caine but his partner 'Sugar Cane' ...ehem...was around. Anyway all was done in good jest as Cikgu Mamat is my University senior in USM, Penang

While Cikgu Mamat and I cleared up the problem we had the Church's choir perform the Christmas Carol with the congregation (minus the lyrics on the screen as the pendrive was unreadable). At first he was reluctant that I meddel with the computer but I assurred him that he should leave it to the CSI as his restarting of the PC and those mouse movements were distracting everyone. After interrogation I am informed that the materials in the pendrive was copied from his Notebook and it could not be read by the Church's notebook when he tried to put it in.

The Carolling went on well as the Christmas Songs (minus the lyrics) were more easily sung but the important thing in the pendrive was the Mass's message on the 'Meaning of Christmas'.

After being reassured that the Windows Office version between Cikgu's computer and the Chirch's computer were compatible the CSI proceed to 'decontaminate' the pendrive (using the PC's own Antivirus) and using an alternative route to access the Pendrive and Eureka! the screens lit up with the program and Christmas Mass proceeded smoothly - all in 10 anxious minutes (Just in time as the Choir Group almost finished their show).

CSI has done it again (hopefully Horatio Caine will recruit me into his full team soon!) ~ I manage to identify the cause of the hiccup (the evil pendrive is the main culprit, and I know it will come back again one day to make this CSI's work more difficult). At least this year's Christmas Eve won't be spoilt by the pendrive criminal and I am glad to have made it a meaningful Christmas especially for this cute baby who is attending his first Mass.

There were some light refreshments and fellowship after the Service - though I am impressed by the high tech approach in their presentation, they really need to know the simple technical know hows on solving potential 'computer related screwups'. I know because of a bad personal experience I had as shared in my previous post.

The Flood Situation in Sibu

If the flash flood that struck Sri Aman Town was something to harp about, I have to sympathise with the Sibu folks. During my holiday (leave) in Sibu I was quite worried at the sight of the mighty Rajang River - especially its water level during this rainy season.

The water at the Express Wharf was quite high a few days ago

Another view from the Wharf

In fact the high water levels put some of the roads in Sibu under water affecting some housing areas. My brother in law's house was seriously affected ~ though the water did not enter the house but the roads were submerged by some one foot level water that made it it look like rivers

CSI versus The Tailor

As I had commented in Hammy's Blog, I was toying with her advice to personalise my wardrobe . I had an official event coming up in Sri Aman and was passed some clothing material a week earlier. Thus the problem was in getting a tailor who could work fast as most of the tailors in Sri Aman refused to do a rush job. Since I was holidaying in Sibu I went to my Dad's favourite tailor at Wisma Sanyan ~ Singapore Tailor. Operating from Wisma Sanyan would have to mean that he should be one the best (to be able to rent the place I mean).

Singapore Tailor proprietor has a treasure load of clothing materials to meet your needs and he does work fast as I requested that he complete my 'baju kebangsaan' in four days

The bush jacket looks tempting - I don't have one yet.. Who knows, I may get one soon - I still can't imagine using this pricey suits. Most clothes that I use are either from 50% bargain. Actually I am just terrified that I may overdress myself. I did attend one function at one time with a full suit only to discover that the VIPs who arrived were only wearing jeans and collared shirts

But anyway - as he measured me I argued with him most of the time to keep the waist slim - he wanted it to be '36' and I argued I am just '31' - yeah right. CSI intends to get a Court Order or Warrant to take that measuring tape from him as evidence that it has been 'altered'

Maal Hijrah 2008

As the Maal Hijrah 2008 was to be hosted in Sri Aman, I rushed back from Sibu on Sunday afternoon to assist the various organising committees prepare for the celebration there.

The Sarawak Governor recieves a ceremonious welcome as he arrives at Rumah Sri Aman at 4:00 p.m on 28th December 2008

Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin is led into the Rumah Sri Aman with the Toh Puan

That night prayers were held with a Ceremah from Dr. Daniel Zainal Abidin ~ and I must admit this is my first time inside the Masjid Bandar Sri Aman. I was assigned to take care of the non Muslim VIPs who will be joining the Governor and the other Muslim VVIPs for dinner after prayers.

The next morning we had the Perhimpunan Maal Hijrah 2008 at the Sri Aman Dewan Suarah. Amongst the VIPs who were waiting to recieve the Governor's were (from left) YBahagia Datu Putit Matzen, YB Datuk Francis Harden ak Hollis, YB Datp Sri Abang Zohari (representing the Right Honourable Chirf Minister), YBahagia Datuk Mohd Morshid Abd Ghani (Acting State Secretary) and Datu Misnu

Awards were given to deserving candidates during the Perhimpunan Maal Hijrah 2008

At the end of the function I managed to pose with the Sri Aman Heads of Department who helped in coordinating the event through their committees/agencies (from left) Jamhari, Majuan (Superintendant for Land & Survey Sri Aman), Irwandee (Divisional Engineer for DID Sri Aman), Awang Syukri (SAO Lingga), Zolkifli (JPJ Sri Aman Chief), CSI and Mahri (DO Sri Aman)

I took the opportunity to try the bus service in Sri Aman to return to Sibu (after using the official car all the way from Sibu). It was late into the afternoon and the norm for most of the Sri Amanians who wish to travel from Sri Aman was wait at the Temudok Junction (T - junction which links Sri Aman to Kuching and Sibu/Miri). The only bus company that operates in Sri Aman is the Borneo Bus and if you missed their time this is the option one has to take.

One has to stop the buses that pass through the junction and enquire if they have any seats available in the bus for your journey. If not you will have to wait for another bus, and another....and one really has to rely on luck.

I managed to get one Baram Bus which would be stopping at Sibu (after asking 3 buses). I had the backseat to myself. It was a fun ride but I must advice if one has just through an appendicitis operation or any pregnant ladies (say 7 - 8 months) - never sit at the back of the bus if the roads are bumpy. I had a nice time bouncing on my seat sometimes several inches into the air along the way back to Sibu.

I was aching all over when I reached home and manage to join in a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by my Darleena's Mummy and Daddy. I hope she will update her blog Chantelle in 2009 so that we know how's life in Canada.

So, should I be considering looking into what has happened in 2008 and make plans for 2009? I still have not made up my mind as there's another dinner to attend tonight. I have been postponing things in life and I know that I also cannot sit back and wait for 2009 to come. It is by God's mercy that we wake up to a new day everyday. God Bless Us All.


Pn Hamidah said…
Our smart and hot CSI, Sugar Cane seems to have so much at hands yet still in best control of all events in his Division.Pls don't worry so much about your waistline, you look just fine the way you're.Now I know there's one good tailor at Wisma Sanyan.Thanks for sharing.
Joe Nyuin said…
Happy New Year and belated Christmas to you and your family Desmond. You are a very busy man. Please relax for a while.
Tia said…
Happy New Year Mr Sugar Cane!!!
which CSI would u be in the next season ...NY, Miami or Las Vegas or SA(Sri Aman)?
cyrildason said…
Wow.. This is a long one...

Happy New Year, and Merry belated Christmas Desmond.

Btw, having dancing/joget session in terrace houses is kind of 'sempit' right?
Happy New Year my friend... hope you have a good year ahead :)
GC said…
Happy New Year :), may 2009 brings prosperity and good health to you and your family
nicksuneo said…
Happy New Year 2009. Wishing you all the best and good luck. It was rainy day in Sibu and Sri Aman ya?...
Mizz Coki said…
:D Happy New Year Des!

Wah, how come that counsilor's wife heels is prettier than Jenny Tan deh?

Dude, you look like Ricky El in that CSI picture...

Then, Bujang Runggu Ensing..
Now , Bujang Lelayang!