Sri Aman Surfing

Finally Connected

I managed to connect to the Internet via Celcom using my handphone as modem at the speed of 460.8 Kbps

However I am unable to upload photos or surf certain heavyweight sites. I believe there are some limitations when connected via GPRS at this speed - or the power is not enough. Thanks to all who provided the advice and comments. As for Flying Dayak's query, my area is out of the Sri aman Town Centre so I am out of Streamyx's reach. Half an hour surfing and RM15 flew just like that :)


headsteadi said…
bro# check this out.

you might end up as their user + reseller as well.
FlyingDayak said…
RM15 per a half hour is insanely expensive. Streamyx was made available to my house in the last two years or so. Before that, we used the dial-in modem with a maximum speed of 56kbps. The Internet was "crawling" - feels like the Internet prepaid ran out before the pages could be viewed.

I hope you'd find a better and cheaper solution.
Uchu Keling said…
45 years and still? Ghee!