Picking A Winner

Sibu Shines

As I mentioned in my previous post (Entrepreneur Exhibition) I would be putting up some indication which dish tickled Nadai Nama Nama's tastebuds. Well, it has to be that special Umai from Sibu. Before Udin commented on my blog to try Kasturi's "Umei" as he calls it, I was all over that food stall watching the stall operator slicing the fish and decorating the umai that morning. It would have made the Asian Food Channel's grade - yum yum. But I was not the only person loitering there as the other potential customers were alreay lining up.

Our Kasturi Chef showing his skills - who says men can't be good cooks? Its just that we 'other' men let the others show how good cooks we are :)

The 'sagu' comes nicely with the 'umei' and in the background is the Sibu booth which was promoting the pulut panggang.

Another Sibu star food was the Pulut Panggang. I missed out on the picture and their packaging at the Sibu's MPUB booth as the pulut was all taken up by 12 noon! When I asked the MPUB Sibu if they would be ordering some more and it was informed that more are coming to Kuching via flight! I learned that about a hundred orders have been recieved by visitors to the booth (those who had tasted it and those who missed out on it). If that is not a star product I do not know what is.

The Next Search......

And so my next quest - to search for an Internet connection. If I can't get broadband (wired or wireless) and if Telekom and Streamyx (or SACOFA) don't come to me, I will have to rely on the good ole GPRS Connection or VSAT (whatever that is) ~ and if it suits the wallet. The journey for Internet Connectivity from my humble home in Sri Aman begins with the help of Lesson In Life aka banji who provided some useful comments which I will publish down here.

Let's see whose GPRS rule the Sri Aman's Cyberspace

Below is Banji's feedback which I will try to explore in Sri Aman (Thanks banji):

"I have gone through exactly the same phase, being outstationed with no access point, and I have done quite a lot of research to decide. Allow me to share with you

It has been long, so I’m not so sure what’s the condition now, but I recommend you using Digi or Maxis for your internet connection. Here’s why

1) If you are located as remote as you explain, I don’t think you will be receiving any 3G connection any time soon. So Celcom is out, since they only offer 3G, HSDPA and GPRS. Most probably you will end up with GPRS. However, their connection is one of the most reliable.

2) Maxis has all the three, GPRS, EDGE and 3G. The connection is also reliable. but the problem is due to its pricing. I’m not sure about this, but if you can afford it. I recommend this more than Digi

3) Digi has only GPRS and EDGE, I’m using this currently and I must say that the only thing that is bugging me is its coverage. Due to their network structure at a lower frequency than Maxis (IIANM) I always get EDGE at one point, and if I move my modem by a few cm, it can change altogether to GPRS.

You can try it by the way, just buy a Prepaid simcard, and insert it into your GPRS modem, top it up exactly RM150 and surf away. For prepaid user, you can actually use unlimited bandwidth with RM150 per month. Try the connection out for a few weeks, and if you are satisfied, go ahead signing up with postpaid which cost you RM66.

There’s no need to pay for the whole 12months with either Prepaid or postpaid.

Conclusion - If you can afford it, choose Maxis, if not choose Digi

p.s. Don’t give up on this wimax just yet. It is said that by year end it will cover almost 25% of Malaysia, and furthermore, comparing with EDGE which only covers around 10km radius, Wimax, is covering at a max coverage of 50km. I’m putting my hope on this

Hope this helps"


Kristopher said…
'm currently using the Maxis Broadband. All i can say is that the connection is not very stable in some places.

You can try the Maxis Broadband for 7 days Free of charge. Just get it from thier store at Satok and if u r not satisfied with it then return it within 7 days.

By the way, i'm only using it for surfing and e-mail.
Pemancha II said…
Bro, currently I am using DIGI and I like it so far compare to other telcos. Which is so promising in their adverts BUT will let you down at the end.

DIGI the coverage maybe in KL EDGE is good, can go to lah, but I tried also in Singai, Bau .. ermmm not bad. At least you got time wait for one round of langkau while waiting for the page to load. Still can surf a bit and do email a bit lah.

The Speed in KL, the max is 113 kbps bandwidth.

Test here :
Kristopher said…
Hi, it can automatically switch from EDGE ,GPRS to HSPA when connection is available.
FlyingDayak said…
I am not sure what Banji meant when he said "...If you are located as remote as you explain..." As you may already know Simanggang is about 2.5 hours drive from Kuching and the tidal bore (benak) has put Sri Aman on the world map (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_bore).

Just FYI, Streamyx is available in Sri Aman. Unfortunately, it is available only in certain areas (or housing estates). My family back home uses Streamyx (that's why we could do video conferencing almost every week).