Drive Safely

Tragic Accident

The Sunday Borneopost reported a grisly accident involving a school Bus and a Toyota Kijang which caused the death of 6 people. This happened as I was driving up to Sri Aman from Kuching to attend the State Level Shell Traffic Games which emphasizes on road safety. Suitcases were strewn on the road and we caught a glimpse of the victims as we quickly passed by. I would have stopped if I was alone but I do not want my family to see that heartbreaking scene and the smell of blood was evident. It reminded me to drive more carefully on the way to Sri Aman. Of course when I was tempted to press on the accelerator my wife would remind me to slow down. Its a good thing to have a Warning Indicator For Emergencies (W.I.F.E) in the car most of the time. Tempted as I was to capture more pictures, I remembered some readers commented about keeping photos of that nature out of the blog as it would cause my blog to be rated 'R' ~ requiring parental guidance.

What's left of the Kijang (picture i managed to take from the front) - in the newspaper the left side of the Kijang looked badly mangled. The Bomba was already there directing traffic as we passed by. Suitcases and a body whose face was covered with newspaper could be seen also

Incidently I was on the way to Sri Aman to attend an official function ~ the State Level Shell Traffic Games and after seeing that accident I could not help remembering the Kijang accident scene

YB Francis Hardin Hollis officiated the closing ceremony and as he puts it aptly in the final part of his speech - Anda Mampu Mengubahnya (you can make the difference)

The message 'You Can Make The Difference' is the trademark slogan for road safety as the occurrence of road accidents are largely due to human error and terror ~ however and how many ways you want to look at it. The authorities can give us good roads, education, indicators and safety signs, strict enforcement etc but in the end the sole responsibility lies with who is behind the wheels and what state of mind he is when he drives the vehicle.

Stretching in Sri Aman

Sri Aman has a lot of interesting scene which will attract some curious passer bys like me. How is that you may ask - when I was driving by the road I saw a large crowd gathering by the side of the road near the government resthouse. Being a busy body and typical blogger I stopped also and took some pictures. Well this pictures did not involved 'R' Rated scenes but one can see a lot of bare chested warriors who are trying out for the Army.

Men in shorts tend to attract many people in this peaceful town of Sri Aman

Good Luck to you all ~ it is my hope that these tough men who aspire to be our protectors and ensure that our country remains safe gets the job. I will be passing this part of Sri Aman town everyday to see if there are any lady recruits soon as I believe in equal opportunities for the opposite sex. I promise no pictures will be taken....ermmm...I mean, published.