Double Duty

Double Function in Betong

Updating this blog is quite a struggle with the lack of connectivity in Sri Aman and also the Office's sometimes moody Internet Connection. I saw myself heading off for Betong Division yesterday to attend an official function - representing the Sri Aman Resident Office. Anyway while there I met my previous boss YB Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot. So I guess its hard for people to know which is my function as I was with him most of the time throughout the trip - to ensure that he performs his official function smoothly (e.g protocol, photographer etc). It was a hectic day for the organisers with lots of activities ~ the official closing of the Betong Economic Transformation Seminar and the official launching of the newly completed Betong Division Government Quarters, both by the Right Honourable Chief Minister.

The Closing Celemony for the Betong Economic Transformation Seminar was held at the Dewan Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Betong. The function which involved several State Minsters, Assistant Minister and a Federal Minister.

Among the local YBs and dignitaries present at the ceremony

The organisers managed to put this cake which also symbolises Sarawak's 45th Anniverasry of Independence within Malaysia - the official team 'Sarawak Maju Dalam Malaysia'

Next stop was the betong Division Government Quarters ~ here the Right Honourable Chief Minister is granted a traditional welcome

Amongst the VVIPs (with missus) on the stage

It was mentioned in the speech that this modern quarters is within the free WiFi service area and is a gated area - the developers managed to complete the buildings six months ahead of schedule - which is a tremendous feat for the town's standard ~ Betong being an area outside the major Cities and major suppliers. (I am tempted to say 'rural' area but well....)

As in most cases, the official functions are always provided with local entertainment. This is similiar to the function experienced by my Saratok Kunsil colleague Apaiumbart who I had expected to be here. Anyway, I am just helping him to cover what's happening at his Betong Division and it won't cost him much - just a few 'Tiga' drinks will do - but wait! Entertainment spots and music cafes within this two Divisions of Betong and Sri Aman are limited. Gosh.....

The symbolic launching - 'Mangkung Tiang' which involvrd the hitting of the gong

The signing of the plaque by the Right Honourable Chief Minister

And of all people I met my childhood friend, classmate, gangstermate - we ruled Sibu's Sugar Bun fast food outlet those days, Mr. Richard Tajan (now Betong Divisional Engineer) who was the technical organiser for the launching of the Betong Government Quarters.

At the end of the function I escorted the State Secretary to his helicopter at the Betong Stadium. Previously I would be catching that helicopter ride with him but well I just managed to thank him for visiting the area despite his hectic schedule. Hopefully those good things will come to Sri Aman one of these days - free WiFi....that would certainly make my day.


aku baru nemu nuan uhang sibu when i read ur blog. FYI, kami pan uhang SIBU, school ba Methodist kelia, so richard nya kira my allies and nuan is our rival maia sekula kelia..hehehe
aku orang biasa said…
Bendar amat neh...
Brandah said…
Apo....tuan Dy Resident Sri Aman. Very fascinating pictorial and event that happened in Betong. I really miss those day...If u r in kch this weekend anang enda melanja $10 for 3. he...he...from Nelson Brandah Seli
Anonymous said…
You have a wonderful blog updating us from Sri Aman and Betong areas.keep it up!