Reporting In Again

Checking In - Deja Vu

Hello again ~ thanks for your comments and nonstop SMSes again asking when I am reporting in and what I am reporting as in Sri Aman (or Simanggang as known to most people). Prior to my reporting in for duty I was still trying to complete my other tasks in my previous position (like attending REDEEMS Carnival which I already posted). My trip to Sandakan Sabah which is my final assignment (and another memorable experience) will have to go later then.

Okay here goes...

My last blog Reporting In four months ago still remains fresh in my mind. I had to prepare myself for that challenging position (in the State Secretary's Office) not knowing that I would be moving again in a the next few monthsto come. Working there required me to assemble all those years of experience including brushing up my communication skills to ensure that the State Secretary's Office is well managed. Meeting the higher ups one has to know the proper protocol and conduct - so I don't go 'clicking' my camera recklessly like I used to. In times of difficulty I was lucky to have efficient and competent colleagues - providing backups when things get more challenging. Thank you Jane, Mary, Azizah, Ramblee, Bernard and Midah. We made a great team.

Now my new posting may restrict that 'trigger happy picture snapping' to get pictures which I like to put in my blogs. In assisting the Resident of Sri Aman, it means more canggih cameras will be pointing at us rather than me shooting back with tiny camera.

My first Day: Driving down from Kuching to Sri Aman on my first day - woke up early (4 a.m) to make sure I reach the office on time

Entrance to the Resident Office - of course I had butterflies in my stomach. Meeting new people is always difficult. I am not very good with names - something that I have to improve as I will be dealing a lot with the public. That include names of projects and programmes including memorizing figures which I need to have at my fingertips

Some of those SMSes jest that I am reporting in as the Resident (sorry people, I do not have the experience or seniority yet) and the District Officer (including Cuthess: sorry again - wrong guess). I am simply covering the duty of Resident's Deputy who has been transferred to another station. That was specifically mentioned in my letter of transfer

Welcome to my office ~ I have to garner all my experience again in carrying out the duties of a Deputy Resident. It was unexpected but I will perform to the best of my ability ~ its going to be a two way learning process I believe. I hope to learn from my more experienced colleagues and wise superiors, local chieftains, people's representative and the public whom I serve.

Anxious moments: They gave me a new Lenovo PC . Its enough to get my heart go fluttering as I thought computers in the offices outstation (outside Kuching) would be that slow Tatung 486 computers I still see in the other offices. Now I am plotting to get the latest PC Notebook and Colour printer for the office. Not that I am being extravagant but these are essential tools in this modern times especially in the presentation of ideas and reports. To improve the government delivery mechanism one has to be equipped with the best management tools.

Char Koay Teow 'hangus' anyone?

Indeed as commented by Cyril aka and Sagaraptor, Sri Aman is a nice friendly town where everyone instantly knows you only by the first meeting and greeting. The famous market as recommended by joenyin who commented in my blog ~ and I think my experience in Sri Aman is yet to come as I am struggling to look for a rented house now. Reason being the present government quarters have to make way for the new Sri Aman Township which is in the making. Probably I will take Apai Salleh here for that famous dish. My Kuching neighbour who is from Sri Aman, Melvin is furnishing me with the list of badminton buddies. Guday ~ thanks for the introducing the new word to me (apotheosis).....well this blog is a long way from being that my friend... I just love the technology and how it links people - see how I got to know nel and many more. I got my former colleague Apaiumbart into the blogging scene and I think he is doing well in Saratok. We will try to convey the experience as administrators in the two Divisions of Sri Aman and Saratok District.


Hi Des,
I accidentally come across your blog via titian damai's link and surprised to learn that you will be transferred to Sri Aman! Congrats anyway...and selamat berkhidmat untuk negeri Sarawak!
Uchu Keling said…
Excellent! Just when we bloggers need to have a closer look at what is happening in rural Sarawak.

Your blog will definitely assist us to have a better view of development in the rural areas.

Thumbs up..!!
Chris Anakapai said…
wishing u all the best and God bless you always.
My aunty (dad's sister) is there in S.A...
Looking forward for more adventures in S.A.
Chris anakapai
interesting... Good luck with your new place..
Mizz Coki said…
Apuuuuuuuuuuuu.... steady pok PC nuan.. PC aku slim LCD monitor tang dibeli taun 2002 kelia menya... akaidai.. selamat berkhidmat boss!