Real Estates Prospects?

The Real Estates Developers' Association of Singapore or better known as REDAS paid a visit to Sarawak recently. Ever since Danny aka Blueheeler came to Kuching, there have been a string of investors coming from Singapore and I wonder if there's any significant link. I am hoping that the TEMASEK group would drop by one of these day. The last time they did some business in Thailand a coup suddenly took place (*looking suspiciously at Danny). Anyway, we do admit that Sarawak has an investor friendly climate and any Singapore Dollar coming in can help to boost our economy. I know one Longhouse Hotel in Kuching benefitting from Singapore Dollar but I am told that the place is popular with tourists from Kalimantan. I may have to investigate deeper the next time I pick Danny up for one more Karaoke session.

Anyway it was a grand affair. I intend this blog to be a short one just to share with readers on what toe xpect when you are invited for a dinner which says 'Western Course'. The Welcome Dinner held by the players of the Housing Industries in Sarawak for REDAS was held at Hilton Hotel. The honourable guest of honor for the dinner was YD Dato Sri Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari Bin Tun Abang Haji Openg the State Minister for Housing.

A Model of Kuching City was showcased before the dinner

The future location of the famous Kuching Tower and Sarawak Convention Centre

The businessmen involved in Real estates from both Sarawak and Singapore mingled and talked over cocktail

Cocktail Reception: people took this sparingly - one at a time and not all at one go. For me I guess I had a few plates. I used to be reminded by my Grandma not to waste food on a plate when I was small so I would not dispute that

The Dinner - A Learned Art

After all the protocol events - Welcome Speeches, get to know sessions and so on, the dinner started. First thing is that I knew this would be a different kind of dinner when I saw the forks, spoons and knives coming in sets of twos and threes. I told myself this is going to be embarrasing for me as I could easily do with a spoon only.

Now which spoon or fork should I use on this Mixed Fish Grilled and Veggies

The pumpkin soup - I guess using the soup spoon would be the right pick

Finally the mixed meat grill and potatoes with some kind of orange gravy with a funny name

Before the dinner ends they will serve a slice of cake, topped with Cream and Strawberry and some kind of stick for decoration. That 'Z' cream design must be because the chef is a fan of 'Zorro'?

Finally the Chocolates - you can't take the whole plate. And if there are ladies on the table you would kindly ask if they love chocolates and if they ay the simply adore them, try not to take any and give them all

Basically that's it. If one thought that it would be a seven course or eight course Chinese serving style, I think one would be pleasantly surprised. One unexpected change is that you do not get to overeat. I learnt something that night with regards which utensils to use from observation. Guests at this level would have been trained or used to dining. I had to peek at the corner of my eyes to find out which to use. Even the dinner where the honourable guests were sitting the tone of voice at which they were talking was to the minimum. If I had the chance I would rather use my hands. But the practice is that whenever the servings arrive always use the outer most utensils. These used utensils will be taken away with the plates served after you finish. When the next dish arrive, proceed to use the next most outermost utensils. Whew........ well another lesson in fine dining.... unless the guy next to me was bluffing me of course.


wah... I also wanna eat the good food! Yum yum. I am just being greedy!
Rentap said… much trouble to entertain the REDAS guys that the dinner has to be Western Style.I am dumbfounded.
Kay Wotton said…
Given the wonderful food available in Sarawak, you gotta wonder why someone would WANT western food. Indeed since one can't focus on the taste, one are supposed to focus on the implements--to take your mind off the fact that the food, for all its presentation, may not be up to snuff. Nice humour.
Aiyo, Desmond...! I'm a vigilante-of-the-night lah...You can't reveal my hideout! Now that I've been exposed (again) I have to move to another secret location...but alas, I can't afford anything more than the cozy comfort of the Longhouse...and the comings-&-goings of kalimantan-ladies-of-the-night....

Well, as for relationship of S'pore and Malaysia, nothing greases it as smoothly as money...
SIB KingFisher said…
I dont think that can fill me up.. ;)

mr des. please add me to your MSN