Oxygen Therapy

Down and Out Both Ways

The weeks pass quite quickly by when your body system is in a mess. After the Merdeka celebrations my cough-flu-fever came and went, interchanging when it suits them. Usually I would be able to prevail over these invasion of viruses and bacteria within three days of falling sick but it seems that I have been experiencing downtime for almost three weeks. After the Merdeka celebrations I had to prepare for my Government Examinations and this past few days i was devoid of sleep (plus mounting stress). And if things had to get worse, my Internet connection went down for almost two weeks - and after a few frantic tests and replacements of hardwares by the DANAWA technicians, it was discovered along the way that the rats had eaten the wires connections to the reciever. To make matters worse, the other alternative connection in the form of Streamyx was experiencing slowdown for the past few weeks. For a guy who likes to drown in cyberspace - this came as a double blow and I am glad that my dial up connection is still alive, providing a life line to that sudden discovery of so much extra time without the Internet. However during my recovery period I had the opportunity to reflect on my how much I had negelected the 'health' part in my life, thinking that my immune system was in tip top condition. Had I let my guard down by not taking those supplementary vitamins or had those viruses or bacterias mutated into something more bolder and evil? When i discovered I was not getting better i even popped in a few vitamins and supplementaries (ginseng, herbs etc) but so far there has been no improvement.

Which reminds me of an alternative treatment which I tried last two months which was in the form of 'oxygen therapy' that I would like to share with my blog readers. Though it was officially launched in August, I may revisit the centre for another try of that therapy if my health does not improve.

The Respiro Oxygen Treatment was launched by YB Dr. Soon Choon Teck on 28th August 2006 at Holiday Inn Kuching. Among the VIPS (owners) are Datuk Celestine Ujang, Mr. Leonard Martin Uning and Club Members are Mr. Allan Keripin

The Treatment Centre can be easily identified in the form of a green building at King Centre, just above the Sportstoto, Big Sweep and Magnum 4D sales outlet.

This is how the oxygen chamber looks like during its exhibition earlier at Crowne Plaza Kuching

I tried it out - first you have to fill on the necessary forms regarding your health status - blood pressure tests etc.

At first sight it looks kind of scary especially if you have this fear of closed and tight spaces. They are going to pump in a whole lot of oxygen in the chamber and you have to stay inside for about an hour.

Well - here goes nothing. Its something new so why not.

I took a picture of myself in the Chamber after 10 minutes inside. It looks comfortable. It was a bit warm and as the pressure builds up to 4Kpa I can feel some pain in my ears and nose. At times some patients tend to sleep sondly.

If easily bored, bring in a book to read - I went through a Chapter of the 'Clash of Civilisations' as I could not sleep as I wanted to experience every moment

All that you will be able to see if you are not reading anything for the next hour.

After coming out of the chambers, my blood pressure was measured again for the record. If there was no significant change in the reading (and mine was okay), there should not be any cause for worry I was told. One thing I discovered when I was in the pressurised chamber, that there was some pain at some spots which you will need to detect. As the chamber works on a increasing your bloods oxygen content as your red blood flows in your system. Maybe the 'concentrated oxygen' in the system hightened the body's sensitivity to suspected problem areas - that I may have to find out through another sepereated health screening which I plan to have with my personal doctor.

As a whole, it was a new experience, and this form of alternative treatment is something new and has claimed some positive testimonies from previous patients who have used it. If anyone is currious like I was, you may give it a try provided you have the extra pocket money to spare as it will cost some amount of money (being a government servant the cost is quite significant for my pocket but at the time of trying, it was free).

The price schedule of the oxygen therapy is displayed as above.

There are a few of these chambers in the Oxygen Therapy Centre.
There are also massage chairs in the Centre. Here, Mr. Antonio K. Galis, the Miri Municipal Council tries one out during the Centre's Opening launch.


I was tagged by Borneo Breeze and actually I don't really know what that means but after reading the blog I guess I am asked to spell out my Seven favourite songs, though I am actually not a guy who keeps up with the latest songs, so here they are (in no order of priority):

  1. Tokyo Drift Mat Rempit Song by the Hitz FM Morning Crew
  2. Jujur - Radja aka Mathew layang
  3. Better man - Robbie Williams aka Danny Blueheel
  4. Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
  5. Angel - Robbie Williams aka Danny Blueheel
  6. Beautiful Girl - Jose Marichan
  7. Child - Freddy Aguila


If it isn't for our stupid and idiotic indonesian neighbours (haze), you could take a walk in the greenary of the Sarawakian jungle and breath fresh oxygenated air.

For the money, it is not worth it!

Exercise my brother, exercise.

Clash of the civilization, I have own thoughts about it. However, it is seditious to write it down. If you want to know, e-mail me!

Miriguy said…
whoa.. I wouldnt waste money on that so called oxygen treatment, cos for me there's a lot of other ways to release stress.
And by being put into that bag of oxygen with the book, clash of civilization, I think I might as well go to the Damai beach
DV & Miri Guy - not even if there is chance that you may be cured of all the problems that you are experiencing now? Just a thought :)
How you know I'm Robbie's NO. 1 Fan????
Uchu Keling said…
So.. how does that feel? Hope the smelling stokin smell won't stick to the chamber.

At least there's a feet theraphy or cleansing before entering the chamber.. :D

Enda alah nyu luput due to excessive 'setong' smell :D