It's Really Sad...

A Fiery End To A Future So Bright

It's funny how things tend to stick on your mind. I have been reading to many news materials that the words just pass me by without me thnking about it. It is seldom that I stop at a newspaper page for instance to even verify its meaning. But today's news which has the picture of a young girl named Lydia continue to flash in my mind and my thoughts repeatedly.

Yes I feel sad today - I cannot imagine how someone would have died that way with so many years ahead that would have waited for her. Yesterday it was the news of a man who lost a son when the Kancil driven by the mother met an accident.

To me i ask Why? Knowing that my questions will never be answered. Today is a sad day i know and I can feel my eyes swelling everytime I remember that picture of Lydia. Excuse me today people for I shall pray for this girl's souls and those who perished. Rest In peace.


sad, sad....
Having a daughter almost that young myself it strikes in the heart.
This is indeed sad. And this kind of tragedy is not the first in Sarawak. Remember Bujang Ulis' kids? They all died in each others arms in a fire too.