Merdeka Guests Dining

Getting To Know Sarawak

Now that the formalities of the Merdeka Celebration are over, its time to share the local delicacies of Sarawak and also our culture to the foriegn diplomats and Ambassadors who are still enjoying the beauty of the State. Most of the Ambassadors who attended the Merdeka Parade chose to stay and experience our State's joyful celebrations. Though there would be no holiday for Sarawak (and many were disappointed) it would not be a holiday for many of us who are accompanying the guests. Some went to tour Kuching to get to know this Eastern Malaysian State and also took time to drop in at Cultural Village. To round things up, the Deputy Foreign Minister Yang Berhormat Datuk Joseph Salang was kind enough to host a dinner for the Ambassadors at the Telang Usan Hotel Kuching.

Part of the liaison Committee Damai Team's Table

I had a chance meeting with a prominent Iban veteran - Mr. Bernard Agan (in grey batik) who had taught me many wise things regarding Iban cultures and traditions during my earlier days as a young officer in the Civil Service

Yang Berhormat Datuk Joseph Salang mingling around with the honoured guests

The food was served with traditional settings and dishes (bamboo rice)

Orang Ulu Warrior's welcoming dance and the traditional band at the background

Orang Ulu ladies traditional dance swaying gracefully to the sound of Sape music

Attempting to shoot the blowpipe one of the Ambassadors from Africa was invited to try on the traditional headgear of the Orang Ulu Community to get the 'feel' of the event

The Ambassador for Mexico tries his hand at the blowpipe

Its the ladies turn - one of the Ambassador's wife trying the Orang Ulu ladies traditional dance

One of the Ambassadors from Africa trying the Orang Ulu Dance

Orang Ulu "Leleng" Dance

Ambassadors doing the "Leleng" farewell Orang Ulu Dance

The Damai Hotel Liaison Team

To my team of dedicated liaison team who were on duty for 24 hours a day for the past five days beginning 28th August 2006 until 2nd September 2006, I thank you for the commitment and sacrifices made. It was not easy for the team compared with the other teams who are stationed at the hotels in the town area. However everyone made the best out of it and had fun.

The most important thing that we learnt during those trying days were that teamwork plays an important role in minimising potential sticky situations. Security was quite tight also at the Hotel and at the end of the day we realised that some of the innocent looking characters who were hanging around at the Hotel were actually Special Branch Officers. Most of the problems that came up were usually solved with a smile. It was a proud moment to be able to do service for the State on this auspicous occassion besides making friends with all the Amabassadors who stayed and interacted with our Team. Merdeka!


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Sorry friend... In a party I am only interested in 3 things:

1. Good food - which I can see you all enjoying yourselves out of the bamboo. BTW, what dishes are those in the bamboo? Booze is an option. However, I don't mind the amount of booze from your previous post back when you went to Sibu or some place else. :)

2. Girls - unfortunately, any state events will be graced by old hens. There are no chicks, so the fun factors goes down.

3. How can I get laid. I have not been able to get lucky in this department but I will die trying!

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