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I have decided the topic for this blog shall focus on simplicity. After reading so many comments be it in the national dailies or be it in articles in the magazines I purchase. After experiencing broadband services provided by two service providers, I will have to say that Danawa Resources (my wireless internet provider) still comes up tops in response to complaints. In terms of connectivity reliability the TMnet Dial Up (1515) and Jaring Dial Up (1511)is still tip top even though its speed is slow. The TMnet Wireless Hotspot at the various Major Hotel (Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn all in Kuching, TanahMas Hotel in Sibu, Free Wifi at Regency Plaza in Bintulu)are functioning in tip top condition the last time I tried it this month.

So what is happening to Streamyx Broadband home connection via Telekom Lines. I had tried the RM20 Broadband package in the middle of August 2006. After a few phone calls and compalints nobody came and I was told that my complaint has been given a Number and that the matter will be resolved in two days. I believe the Two Days they meant must have been for the Planet of Saturn or Jupiter where One day equals more than 24 hours!

If there was an Effigy Burning ceremony I would be the one wearing orange shirt. Now that is what I call doing things in style.

I am not alone I believe. So I believe I just want to post this a protest blog targetted at those people who are (maybe trying to hard) to bring us broadband services. Overall - the connectivity issue is the main problem. There is currently no such thing as twenty four hours connectivity for 365 days in a year and also there is no such thing as an actual 512k connectivity or 1MB connectivity. They call it Best Effort Connectivity and that Best Effort Speed can be DEAD SLOW overtaken by the speed that the Dial Up Connectivity brings. Those service providers have been quite smart in their service contracts that they include the term in their explanation - Best Effort my foot.

So far I have come to this website which aims to improve the Broadband Life in Malaysia. Its called Redesign Malaysia - whatever that means. Or anyone interested in Sarawak Broadband development at the moment can hop over to the TMNet Streamyx Usergroup Website. I am a member in that group and we promise you that we won't be leading any Effigy burning when we are mad with our Broadband Providers. Just share with us your surfing experiences. Is the money you are throwing to those service providers worth the many hours in front of the PC hoping for a hyperspeed connection?

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This is a continuation of my blog penned last night while I was fuming and puffing fire about broadband in Sarawak especially. I guess I had forgotten to say a bit about a few of my friends who are much more dependent on the success of the Internet Technology. I am talking about the Internet Technopreneurs who streamline and build their business on Internet Technology platform, for example those Internet Web Designers, Online Business Developers and so on. Being a part-time webmaster I also understand the need for a good broadband infrastructure. How long did they have to wait, ever since broadband was introduced to our shores? I usually meet them once a while and the usual exchange of greetings of 'How are things?' is usually met with a smile and 'So So lah' reply. The guys and gals are people with excellent and innovative ideas and I discovered some has ventured into the more challenging West Malaysia market - or that there was nothing to expect from Sarawak? I am also disappointed with most of the government agencies websites. I dare not say more about some of those cobwebs aka cobwebsites that are floating in cyberspace right now - or I may be reprimanded by my bosses. Its really a dent on the effort to set up an Electronic Government but why the rush when most of the vast areas in Sarawak right now are still waiting for a steady electric supply to power up their Computers. Something is wrong - definitely very very wrong. Until some people can Walk the Talk, or I rather use the term Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk, there is nothing much to look forward to.


we are being screwed for everything. TELEKOM's CEO was the CEO of the Year 2006. However we are still getting sucky service.

The government set up the infrastructure, give it to someone to manage it, and the buggers just plundered the whole company. Durian runtuh, some might call it. It is just bad and ugly stewardship!

Telekom sucks and malaysia boleh. Kononnya!
Adrian said…
its annoying... very..
At least you got broadband at home. My internet fix is from a cybercafe smelly with teens playing DOTA who shout 'chee bye' even though I'm pretty sure they are all virgins...
Guruh, DV, Adrian - its how we measure our standards. Sometimes I think we have this Cincai standard in pleasing our cutomers. We pay good money for service we are promised and the service providers come short in delivering - you do feel shortchanged and cheated.

Blueheeler - I have been banned by my missus to play in Cybercafes. I used to be a Counter Strike Fan and I play from afternoon till midnite (with Cikgu Mathew of course). I was known as Doctor Death is the game - well known for my knifing skills. I once played with a 6 year kid on a one to one combat. The interesting thing is that this kid beat me and he was standing on the chair and table with his fingers puching the keyboard and mouse. That is a sight to see. I lose because I was distracted by his 'Chee Bit' and 'Lan XXX" words. I guess that was part of his strategy. He was born to be a terrorist.
SIB KingFisher said…
Ow man.. the orange guy... that is killing me ROTFLOL.... streamyx sux.. 1515 is far reliable...

Desmond, is your mobile number still 012-8990XXX?
Blueheeler, your comment about the smelly teens with their trash talk are just too funny! Heheh.

If the dial up is as cheap as the broadband even if I stay on it all day, I'd just stick with the dial up! I'll be at my parents place the next 3 months and the only internet connection in that house is a dial up ... how can I listen to my favorite talk radio on dial up without someone (my bro) complaining about the cost at the end of the month? ;-( said…
Yeah .... itu dia ... STREAMYX sucks!!
Uchu Keling said…
No comment.. Have to live with the service provided. Cakap pun tarak guna. Telekom SUCK!