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Ghost Stories

Many people like to be scared in front of their television sets, movies or when they read story books/novels. Maybe its because that one is so fascinated about life after death or that there is 'another dimension' or 'the other side' where the dead roams after 'leaving this world'. This makes the stosries on television like Supernatural and The Ghost Whisperer. In Supernatural its the story of two brothers fighting of bad spirits, demons and ghosts while in the Ghost Whisperer its about a lady (Jennfer Love Hewwit) who tries her best to help the dead and then make them return to the 'light' or the other side.

Its no fun being 'dead' - but I can't tell you that because only a 'dead' person can do that. Or can they? Scary thought huh? If you are dead you would not get to read about your death in the newspapers. Only some lucky people are able to do that. I confine my luck to winning some lucky draw prizes, that's all. But if you do indeed die and manage to come back alive, I am sure you will appear in all the major papers and online portals. The last time it happened, it started a new religion but let's no go to that topic shall we. Try to Google for 'Minggu Mang' the 'dead' Malaysian in the Internet and you will see he has become sort of a celebrity.

I am the living dead - New York Sun

You get to read news of your deadness in a Vietnam Online news (Tin Tuc)

People in Brunei's Borneo Bulletin will be amazed that you have returned from the dead

Singaporeans have their lists of Scary Book Stories to add to your fame

Dead man Do Tell Tales - Steel Turman

Not Supernatural

It seems that I have actually got a chance encounter to meet this 'dead' person, though I am no Ghost Whisperer. I don't expect anyone to believe me. But it did not happen on a midnight of twilight. The evening I met the 'dead' person was on a clear evening we actually talked over dinner. "Its no fun being dead", he lamented in a normal way and regular voice. One would have thought that he would talk in a scary, icy and ghostly way. Though he may be famous in the Internet, but in the Malaysian Computer Systems he is classifed as 'DECEASED'. And he has been dead in the system wince 2002 (hint: Buy this number in 4 Digit). He would not be able to enjoy the things that the living Malaysians enjoy now - to be able to vote as his name has been struck off the electoral list (though sometimes the dead do vote in the famous Phantom List) and many more. Anything to do with registrations linked to the Government database - you simply do not exist!

NST 11 July 2006 story of the 'dead' person

I discovered we like the same drink

Anthony Banyan, the 'dead' Minggu and Myself

On a serious note: If I am the Ghost Whisperer, I know he is trying his best to prove to the authorities that he is not floating on air. Minggu is trying his best to prove to the authorities that he is alive and well. I shall attest to that. Looking at the amount he drank and ate, I believe he is not a roaming spirit or something like that. On my part I will try my best to assist him and I think the press conference this 'ghost' will be having today will be heading for the newsroom soon. Its not fun being 'dead' in Malaysia. Any updates on Minggu, I will share with you all later. I am off to the 4 Digit Magnum now.


Wilson Chin said…
pangyao, if u have the number, do share it wif me ya. hehehe
kadoodle said…
Matthew, nama berita bala ba Kuching?
Haha Desmond. You are like that kid in 6th-Sense. "You see dead people".....
4 D... I wanna be rich!
gus said…
Woh! This is really scary. He simply lost his identity. All the 'birokrasi' is giving him hell, something a person want the least, dead or alive! I do hope he gets to have his life back, that way he could look back and have a laugh or two, or maybe even write a book and strike it rich! That'd be the highlight in his life. Something to remember and tell down the generations, till the day he really dies.
SIB KingFisher said…
" oh.. mama.. I see dead people..." well he was officially dead.. ;)Better ask for 6d. :) Send my regards to him and all the best for him...
Pemancha said…
Hi DJ,

How about the story of Lim Keng Yaik. Borneo Post July 17, 2006.
Its a surprise and also an honour to have Yang Berhormat to read this blog. Its also a welcome as I do wish that all our local people's rep should be IT literate as shown by YB Dominique. Thank you YB.

Guys, I will see what update Minggu has for me :) No numbers dreamt so far and I will comment on YB Lim Keng Yaik 'aliveness' later :) I hope YB Dominique can bring YB Lim back to live also :)
Desmond, I'll be in Kuching from 31/7 for a few days before I go to Batang Ai for 3-4months. Sorry to trouble you, but would you know anyone in Kuching who has a room to let to me for a few days? I usually stay at the Longhouse Hotel, but even the RM40/night there is too steep for my research allowance. I'm happy to happy to compensate the owner RM25/night for a room within cycling distance to Sarawak Museum. Cheers!
Blueheeler: I recommend Singgahsana Lodge or Bed & Breakfast. The links I have posted in ur blog :)
thanks for the accomm recommendation. i fart too much in my sleep, so cannot share dorm room with innocent room-mates lah! haha
GerubiTuai said…
Kasih tudah tuai..tu baru amai amai 'dead man walking'...nonetheless or manythemore if there's such thing..ngajihka utai tau dipulaika serta diputarka enggau lurus. maybe it's a chance to get new identity! said…
4d ehh? My best bet is to buy 3D ... alot of crazy no. goes there ... 2002 - RM10 :P