I Am Alive!

Hello Weekend!

Its good to greet the weekend! I would have time to update the blog and so much has happened in a week!

Dead Man Hopes

The story of Minggu Mang is about to take a new chapter as the the National Registration Department promises to issue him with MyKad in two weeks time (Borneo Post 15 July 2006). Furthermore to ease his suffering a lawyer who is also the Yang Berhormat for Padungan (YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho) has agreed to assist him. The YB joked that this will be the first time that he will be "bringing up a dead man to live".

The Borneo Post 15 July 2006

The same scenario also almost happened to one of the Federal Minister, YB Lim Keng Yaik, when he was assasinated via the short messaging system (SMS). Rumours of his death almost resulted him in walking in the real world in the form of a spirit. I believe YB Domique will also be more than happy to render YB Lim his assistance. YB Lim's situation is a bit complicated as he discovered that (to quote him in The Star) "My goodness! It seems that so many people wish I was dead." Hmmm... I wonder why.

The Star Online 17 July 2006

Whatever the outcome may be for these people I wish everyone well. One has to remember that life is God's gift. Rejoice in being able to wake up to a new day and be given the chance to make things happen. That is why these people who have been known to be 'dead' are trying their best to come back alive. I am inspired by Celine Dion's 'I'm Alive' song as she made that comeback from temporary 'retirement' after her husband was diagnosed for cancer. I am sure the video will inspire everyone the excitement of living.

Celine Dion's 'I'm alive!"

Life Begins at 47

Some people are more glad to be alive. When news of a favourite Malaysian Celebrity, Cik Siti Nurhaliza, will soon get married to her secret sweetheart, I was not surprised that their pictures were splashed on the front page on 18 July 2006, overshadowing the Tsunami Disaster in Java, Indonesia. Anyway that is Malaysian Press for you.

Picture: The Star

Picture: NST

Picture from Utusan

Some jokes were flying in the SMS world regarding the planned marriage and I understand why Pierce is angry with that SMS. Some fans of Siti even dedicated a song to her.......... the lyrics are quite funny in a way.

My say on this is that - its her choice and ifs its 'Love', let love conquer all, and may they live happily ever after :) Sometimes we think we own the celebrities because they are public figures. Jeeezzz...... So what next then? Turn them into a public park where everyone can trample on them like what happened to Mawi? Those wierd fans of his who thinks they can dictate his life via SMS (Should Mawi Marry breakup with his sweetherat? If you agree SMS your answer YES or NO to 3XXXX. Every SMS sent will be charged RM5). So people will think they own him for RM5.00.

How Students Debate

Now when it comes to loving - I just hope that these mindless undergrads can make up after this. After reading the story from both angles, I have this view that the two sides were on the wrong side of the fence. Firstly there is the 'victimised' group and the 'aggressor' group. Luckily there were no flying chairs or blood spilt. Both believed in what they stood for, only the way they showed it was not in the most proper way. The students who gave out phamplets or organised the 'booth' should have permission to do so, while the Student Union group should have negotiated with the 'victimised group' to move away - minus the aggression. With all those shouting and yelling, I have this feeling that these group of kids have a 'deprived childhood'. You can see what happens when you give them that 'freedom' to do what they like. They have to lnow what the secret recipe of Peace is all about. Its Love, the one that brought Datuk K and Siti together. Something that will remain a mystery but if its good, why suppress it? You gotta spread the Love people! :)

The video I missed sometime in 17 July 2006 because the local dailies news preferred to ignore it. If there is no blood there is no news! - argument Malaysian Style. I thought the Student Union were supposed to stand up for the students rights - even for the weak. Here we see them bullying those who would have needed their help?