World Cup 2006 Over

Adios Brazil And England

Brazil Fans: Exactly how I felt

My World Cup campaign ended the night England and Brazil lost in the quarterfinals. I support the two teams because I am familiar with the players (overexposure by the media maybe) and what they are capable of. The English went down to a penalty shoot out after being overwhelmed by the depleted Portugal side. Everyone would have made a calculated guess that with the key Portuguese players warming up the bench due to suspensions, the English would have it easy but it was not to be.

Why Brazil Wins - okay, this unstoppable squad has been outsmarted by France

Then there is Brazil. With the likes of Ronaldo, Robinho, Kaka, Ronaldinho - one would have thought that Brazil was already on the way to the Final and that the French were a mere distraction. Newsweek June 12 2006 Edition had a feature on the Brazil Team. Everyone was predicting a Germany versus Brazil Final. I believe everyone was disappointed by the way the Brazilians played.

And Germany Goes....

Germany goes down that is really kicking balls

The Ball is round, that's why I play football too

Germany lost last night against Italy. The scoreline was 2 - 0 after extra time. After too many sleepless nights and a very tired mind and body I did not really watch the game. It was a sad exit for Germany as they should be having the upper hand, as the venue is their homeground. Well, like they say, the ball is round, there's nothing rounder than round. Tonight it will be Portugal against France. This time I would be expecting France to put up a good show or they will definitely fall to Scolari's tactics the way England did. I will try to catch the game tonight and I also hope they do away with the OSIM IGallop advertisement in between the games. Its such a strange ad really.

This advertisement appears throughout the Group Finals and Quarter Finals

Those who are betting world will have to reassess their odds. There has been many experts that I have met and also the so called 'non expert' experts, be it in the newspapers or the radio talk shows. If any money is involved one will have to understand that betting does not really pay much. Like people who are expecting (like I did) a Germany - Brazil Final - many will have to rethink. Its never straightforward if its the best of the best against one another.


Now that the distractions are lessened with my World Cup Dream Final in pieces, I would be able to give a 100% focus on the tasks at hand. Malaysia's 49th Merdeka Celebrations will be hosted by Sarawak come 31st August 2006. It would be nice to see Malaysia qualify for the next World Cup cme the Year 2010. Then maybe, just maybe, it will be worth the late nights and screams. And by then we would have some meaningful Merdeka Celebrations at hand as the Soccer Finals will be in July every World Cup. Then we can parade the World Cup Trophy during the Mederka march pass. Hmmmm..... I guess I am a dreamer huh? There is this sign in front of our Office that keeps reminding us that the Big Do is getting nearer and nearer and the Operation Rooms are polishing up for the day.

Countdown begins

I believe the recent Royal Gawai closing event was a smaller version of what the organisers have in mind. All the Departments in the State are involved and there is a weeklong celebration of events being planned. Will update on that in my next blog.


Sorry la, but I think it'll be a few more years (ok, ok, maybe 20-30 more years) before a team from Asia will win the cup. No matter how much talent we Asians have, we have a serious under-representation of Asian players in European leagues (and that's where most of the current soccer stars play). No European exposure = no world cup held by Asian team
gus said…
Kesian. I would have cried, but I'm not a fan. Anyway, mail me so we could meet up in Kuching these few days. I see you at the music festival?
Wilson Chin said…
i'm very disapointed and sad when England lost the game...
Miriguy said…
ah, I like that ad, looks cheeky ;)
GerubiTuai said…
I kind of predicted England still have that quarterfinal jinx, but never would have thought the very same referee who sent D. Beckam off before repeated his call by sending W. Rooney off!! Brazil was in a different league against France! More like budak kecil lawan orang tua. Should have been attacking from minute one instead of trying to give the French a different look! Malaysia will qualify for 2010 WC yeahhhaaa what say you folks? Mission impossible? hahaha
GR, I predicted Italy and US would feed off each other..pretty much, but never thought the Czechs couldn't hold off Gattuso!!I predicted the very result would go in Czechs' favour!!!US didn't have supersub like Del Piero. US should have brought along T. Twellman, Ante Razov, and Cledus-Clint Mathis!! Enough said ya'll. Let me scoot to the other side
Obscene ad... makes my mind go wild and thinking of various karmasutra styles on it!
GerubiTuai said…
Haiya we know lah..that Beckam dude bah..the one making a lot of money bending and kicking that size 5 ball around! Pun acknowledged. Hmm how we wish.. having four Beckhams in line-up for Malaysia in 2010 WC! Malaysia still boleh lah in my book..true kah?
My teams that my money was on were England and Brazil. I lost RM40 to a charity!