Dewan Undangan Meet

Dewan Proceedings

As mentioned earlier in my earlier blog, the Dewan Undangan Negeri Order of the Day can be viewed at the Dewan Undangan Negeri's Website. Those who wish to follow the proceedings may do so at the Public Gallery which is at another level of the Dewan Chambers. What is required of you when you want to witness the debate, question and answer sessions? Listed here is a few:

- Wear proper attire (Lounge Suit for men and proper full dressing for ladies)
- When you enter the Public Gallery you must bow your head at The Speaker
- Bring your identification card, MyKad or Passport (if not Malaysian)
- No cameras, bags or handphones are allowed inside the Public Gallery
- There must be absolute silence while the proceedings are going on
- Earphones are made available for you to listen to the debate and speeches
- For aspiring YBs the visit to the Dewan is a must

Here are some enlargeable thumbnails of the Dewan Gallery and also Lobby/Tea Room

The Gallery above the Chambers - the YBs can see you from this angle

In this picture you will notice the SUPP YBs having a serious discussion. There is a lot of this type of 'instant meetings' going on during the course of the day. Sometimes you will see the YBs either from DAP or SUPP rushing here and there with the pieces of paper in their hands. There will be rebuttals, and potests - especially over figures. Luckily the rebuttals do not turn into head butts! Its fun to observe them as I do most of my work at the Lobby. I can't bring my PC into the Public Gallery so I have to hangout at the DUN Lobby and Office (Network Connection). But the DUN proceedings can be heard at every corner of the Dewan Lobby, even at the Canteen and Discussion Rooms. I have not tried the wash room.

DAP YB and team have their own discussion sessions. The DAP supporters are easy to identify in the DUN Lobby it seems. They seem to like to keep to themselves and feel that we in the Civil Service have something against them. I purposely sat with them in one of their discussion sessions and everyone of them avoided eye contact with me. Wierd :) I guess I look fierce. The fascinating difference between the two sets of YBs in the pictures are - one, SUPP comprises of the experienced YBs in the form of Ministers and Assistant Ministers like YB Datuk Patinggi George Chan, YB Datuk Wong Soon Koh, YB Lee Kim Shin, YB Datuk David Teng and YB Dr. Jeril. They are more wise in choosing their words when they reply. The DAP YBs - are a young team, led by the active YB Chong who gained a lot from his Parliamentary experience. YB Encik Wong Ho Leng was more cool while YB Chiew seemed the most moderate of all. That's just my obesrvation for the day. Do pay the Dewan a visit if you wish :) it will be replaced with a new Dewan soon.

The Dewan Operation Rooms - typing the proceedings and preparing the Hansards. The Hansards contain almost everything and word that is said in the Dewan. The recordings are done with the antique like recorder as seen in the picture. I counted that there were about ten of those in the room and ten computers to type whatever the Yang Berhormats had said. Sometimes in the heat of 'battle' or 'debate' the Yang Berhormats would fill this room to ascertain what the 'other' YBs had said. I have to salute these hardworking Civil Servants who work day and almost till night (sometimes till 3 a.m) to ensure that the proceedings of the previous day is available the next day. And also those who are preparing the answers and figures for the Ministries and Ministers/Assistant Ministers to reply.

Signing off for today :)


Apai Salleh said…
It's the Summer Recess now in the House of Commons, although the place, when busy is usually packed with 600 MPs.

The DUN Sarawak sits for 20 days a year, am I right in saying this ?
Rentap said…
Hey bro, thanks for this update.Nice to know the Ybs are really stressed when they attend one of those sessions.By the way, why are they still using those ancient tape recorders????? We have the technology to keep these records in MP3s what.This attitude towards technology always tickles me. LOL.