Food & Swimwear - Do They Mix?

Some of my firneds were wondering where I went off to when I did not update this blog. Its been a busy week (with elections this week) lately and I have a few backposts coming up soon including this. There was a fashion show cum dinner held in Holiday Inn Sarawak this weekend. Clarence who sponsored a table for the event got me in so that we are able to catch up on old times . I do not know what 'catch up' we need to do on a swimwear show but I think we needed to add up on our 'ooh' and 'ahhs' at the wonderful pieces that were being paraded.

One thing I will have to admit - that if you are planning to attend a swimwear show, don't gorge yourself with too much of the food. My body could not take it - between satisfying the needs of the stomach and the needs of the eyes. Its a case of the need to satisfy two hunger at the same time. So one has to improvise - when the male models came in, I went about looking for the food. My reasoning was that i lookat myself everyday in the mirror and I do not need to look at the male models. After all, looking at them will give me a million reasons not to eat at this dinner & swimshow.

The roasted lamb - over hot fire and as hot as the show

My non rice pick

Well the rice was tempting - so I took a scoop :)

The feast for the eyes begin

Running from my table to the catwalk to take the photos burnt a few calories

This pose burnt a few thousand of calories as the heartbeat jumped to three times normal

That's what I call style

A more moderate look - not too over exposed

Okay I was wondering where in Sarawak we could have a Carnival Swimwear party

The team

Some of my favourite outfits

And another of my favourite outfit

And Nadai Nama's best Model by selection is..........its obvious :) I had to thanked her for satisfying both hunger. So I do agree that food and swimwear do not necessarily mix. Its hard on the neck especially. One you have to screen the Catwalk from a distance as to when your favourite model with the favourite swimwear will come out, the other you have to look at what you are eating or risk choking on the food.


I only have one thing to say about swim-wear modeling Sarawak style - high heeled shoes are out of place with swim-wear! The models should have been bare-footed or wearing flip flops.
gus said…
haha, I agree with puteri. They forgot the flip flops.
but everything looks tempting. The lamb roasted, medium to well done, the models, raw. but between them, I'll still go for the food. heavenly.
Wilson Chin said…
i didn't know kuching have such event, swimwear party.
i should go next time....