Countdown To Elections

As I write this blog it is about twelve hours to the time when Sarawakians decide their represntatives in the Council Negeri for the next five years. It has been an interesting campaigning week. Very interesting indeed.

But I cannot say I am very involved with the debates that take place in the streets, coffee shops and the office. I also seldom read the newspapers, as when there is too much praising and uplifting messages, you tend to throw up. No...not fed up but too much of the good thing would be like Cholestrol so I just take pieces and browse through the headlines only. One cannot really absorb the amount of emotions it has been for some people. I have spoken with the emotional ones, and I try to be neutral. 'Try' is a very hard word under these cricumstances. At one time in a coffee shop there would be two sets of teams. During this time people expect you to agree to their arguments. The more you agree the more interesting the points become. I do hope that after the elections the wounds will heal and maybe we can just sit together and talk about the World Cup. I have sat a full hour with those people who had been shortlisted to be Election Candidates - be it for the Government or the Opposition. They had gone through hell when they were not in the Final List on that fateful 9th of May. They seemed like lost souls for, rather bouyant and wondering what went wrong. That is because some of the people selected in the Final List are to them 'Too young, or have Criminal records". Much of my energy was spent on listening to a lot of 'IFs' and 'What might have beens'. Its no use trying to cheer them that is why I hope that the election just comes to an end quickly tomorrow and we can go about our daily lives.

I have to apologise to some of the readers who were expecting me to write an account of the election updates in the State. As you may see I don't have time to really tell you all the ABCs of the events. Those are easily available in the newspapers and I think Kenny Sia has captured some of the gists if you go to his blog 17 May Blog. There is also the Malaysian Talk and the Sarawakelections 2006 Website. That you would get the latest account on how hot the election is becoming. Mine is more about the administrative aspect of being a Presiding Officer and looking after the Operations Room. That itself is keeping me on my heels. And mind you, when the election is over, I am not sure what lies ahead. Really....

On my part I lpay a different role as I have to perform the duty of ensuring a proper election process at the N.9 Padungan. I am on duty at one of the stations as the Head Presiding Officer. There will be hundreds of people like me appointed by the Election Commission (EC) to see to the smooth administration of the State's Ninth Elections. Come every election the (EC) will make sure that its machinery is as efficient as possible to handle ongoing Parliamentary or State Elections. We can't really put our ears out for the political dramas that unfold. I know its a boring life being a Presiding Officer but someone has to do it and the money is good too.

So come Election tomorrow it will be funtime for some people who plans to go out and vote. If you are voting in N.9 Padungan, I shall be at the St. Thomas Secondary School. We will have Six Streams there (No. 1 to No.6) and I shall be manning Stream 1, while taking care of the smooth running of the whole St. Thomas Station. Here are a few images of the preparations for your viewing.

To all candidates - I wish you all a Good Luck again and may the Best Win.

Checking Ballot Papers

Checklist for the Ballot Papers

Other Presiding Officers Checking thier Ballot Papers

My Ballot Papers

Checking to ensure all is in good order and there are no missing pages

Sealing the papers for the 20th May 2006 - One Envelope for Each Stream

The Ballot Box and items to be divided

Making sure we have everything

Checking The Polling Station Posters

The materials

One of my team: Atiqah doing Final Check with the Polling Clerks

Sealed after checking - we will only pick this up at 5 am on 20th May 2006

The Poster Wars

Its like reading a Comic Strip

The poster War Develops into a Story

Lily''s theme

DAP Posters vandalised

BN Lily's Billboard burnt

Meeting one of the candidate: Dominique Ng Kim Ho

Interestingly I met one of the candidates as he was campaigning from shoplot to shoplot and house to house. Lily Yong is a bit difficult to catch hold of because she prefers to meet larger crowds. I have not met her walking around the City yet but I hope she can drop by my station tomorrow.

Coffee Shop Talks

Coffee Shop Discussions

I am curious about the RAVE Cigarrette Box - Not the has its own message

The favourite Coffee Shop where all the wise men gather in BDC is known as Ah Liong Cafe. This is where all the good things come. Food, drinks, latest news...*hic* and various stories and conspiracy theories. Each table there will have their own menu and topics of discussions. It becomes sweeter with the red wine.

My Favourite Hornbill Statue

I was passing the BDC Roundabout on the way back and found out that they have taken away the Hornbill Statue from the Roundabout. Hpray...they are placing the Hornbill nearby the roundabout!

Where did the Hornbill fly away.....

Oh there it is

Hitching a ride

The Hornbill, it seems will be placed nearby the original roundabout....very much intact. That part I may have to thank Tan Sri Tiing Pek Khing....he is an environmenatlist also.... a Concrete One that is :)

Okay, I need a break.... whew.


Apai Salleh said…
At least Dominic Ng is hard working, that much I acknowledge. A throwback to the 1960s Politiko who met the people. Perhaps in him, the rakyat has a true representative.
hey, why you don't stand for erections..? You could be a good candidate.... you have the upper hand of online campaigning, etc!
Apai Salleh said…
It's elections and not erections. And congratulations to Dominic Ng for winning in Padungan. I have seen him campaigning and he does have the people's touch.