Campaign 2006

Slow Start in Kuching

After the naming of the candiadtes for the Barisan Nasional and Barisan Bersatu Sarawak, one would expected a flurry of activities by campaign party workers to hang up the campaign posters. Maybe its because of the Election Commission's announcement to reduce the use of posters as they are quite messy. So far in Kuching City, the strategic locations such as the roundabouts, the highway intersections have been populated by the banners, posters and billboards. Some are also using the fishtails at the lamposts.

Barisan Nasional Poster for Sim Kheng Hui in Pending area

DAP (Democratic Action Party) Poster for Violet Yong at Pending area

So far there are not many issues put forward - maybe there is none. DAP is trying to hype up the increasing cost of oil in the campaign banners that I see. BN is selling the "Continuous Development" theme. As far as Kuching is concerned it can go 50 - 50 for the candidates. That is the trend among urban voters. The mostly Chinese electorates in the urban areas are quite unique in their voting pattern. I was told by a Chinese friend that they can decide who should represent their interest in SUPP-BN (Sarawak United People's Party is a Barisan Nasional Component) and who can represent their voice in DAP. That is why, I am told, that the Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching now is YB Chong. Interesting.....

I have to get some feedback from the rural and out of town areas where the electorates are predominantly Ibans, Bidayuhs, Orang Ulus, Malays and Melanaus. I do hope that the bloggers outstation may have something to report to us. For the case of the N.54 Pelagus constituency (namely Kapit) I am trying to find out the issues that are going to be raised by both sides. I think the effort of trying to confuse the voters are quite effective - especially voters like me. Some people are already asking me when I am coming back to vote, but I told them that I would be on duty and had opted for postal voting. I joked with them about who should I vote for and my friends in Kapit gave rather 'confusing' replies. They told me to 'wait', 'we will see what happens because someone promised to shower the Kapit skies with 'Gold Shower' (duit ari langit!) - meaning to say money from the sky. "If no money, we won't vote, or vote for the other party" they said. Interestingly when I asked him what he was doing on nomination day, he said he was carrying the party flag, and that itself is an earning of RM10 to RM20 already. "So vote for the party lah....I said, "since you are a party member". "No..." was the reply "That is another payment - money from the sky.... No money, No Vote..." I laughed...obviously he must have been drunk.

But that is what differentiates these two sets of voters - those in the urban and rural have different mindsets. The priorities are different and the allegiances can change overnight. One minute you may be crossing swords with the enemies, and the next you may be sleeping with them. Hahaha...funny way of putting it. Now I wish I was standing as a candidate in the N.40 Maradong constitueny where two ladies are bashing it out. I have not made any serious analysis of how each constituency will fare as no one can predict how the voters will vote. But based on a rough analysis, I can say that the Barisan Nasional will come back to form the government - because of the massive election machineries it has. On top of that they will win by a comfortable majority. And to say that the opposition will not win any seats is like predicting if its going to rain or not in this hot tropical Sarawak. The decision is in the hands of the voters. So once again to all candidates - Good Luck all :)

Normal Living in Kuching

Taking advantage of the amazing low level election activity in Kuching - its really 'Normal Mode' in the City now. You don't see vehicles with party flags flying high and flying low, balloons with party emblems but that's just it. Maybe the potential candidates and their supporters are going around the high density areas - making the City a bit quiet - that's just fine with us as we can get the chance to enjoy other kinds of high intensity activity without the big crowd.

We can get to drink everyday at our favourite nitespots

We can get to enjoy at less packed karaokes

We can get to have quality time with our family

And enjoy the sunset

But don't forget to vote - as one vote means a lot. If not for you, then its for your children's future.


Anonymous said…
I saw ya'll had fun. Thks for the updates. Rindu ga meda somebody named Mat is having fun too. Do I know him?? Kirum salam aja k
Apai Salleh said…

Am writing another entry this weeend for tuesday next week. Need your permission for the map and maybe the candidates list ????
ЄӘи said…
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ЄӘи said…
Eh? i thought you were on WordPress?
Anyway, ya, I guess we Kuching ppl aren't fanatical about anything.

I'd say the previous set of state govt has done their talking with development, which is never enough of course.

If there's anything that gets on my nerves, its just the fuel prices and the inflation which hampers .... erm... I'll save those for some other day.

Have a good week ahead!