Rural Voting

State Elections in the Rural

The Ninth State Election has settled down. Its time to make up and hug each other whatever your affiliations may be. Just in case people are wondering how the voting trends are in the rural area, I managed to get a few photo shoots of the scenarios of rural voting when Mr. Andrew Tukau - yeah the guy who missed the Big 4D in my earlier blog - went back to Nanga Medamit in Limbang to vote in the N.69 Batu Danau constituency. Just thought that I should share it with a couple of friends who emailed me about what its like out there. If you see the conditions of the rural area, one will understand why the rural folks are in need of development, thus Barisan Nasional's promise of the Ninth Malaysia Plan goodies are the option for them. The reason is simple, they have seen Barisan deliver in the Cities and Towns where the bright lights are, they too would like this an uplift in the Quality of Life.

A typical 'Dampa' or temporary longhouse in Sungai Kura, Limbang

Voting Station in Ensurai Limbang

Notice that this Polling Station closes at 10:30 a.m. Voting will start at 8:00 a.m. They finish early because the Ballot Box has to be delivered to Limbang for counting and this will take a couple of hours - over a few rivers and mountains. So if your longhouse is six hours away from the voting station, you can imagine when you have to wake up to vote. Maybe stay overnight at the nearby stations.

Voters waiting for their turn

Another view of the voters waiting for their turn

This Voting Station caters for voters from two longhouses

Voting Process Underway

The Voting limits - the polling agent sitting on the red chair

No handphones and Silence sign
The Voting Team: One Police Man, One Presiding Officer and his Clerks. You can view the Voting Booths

I am wondering if the MAFREL guys who were overseeing my station in N.9 Padungan had made any observations in these secluded areas. They have been making all kinds of statements and observations in the papers recently. My station was not spared in their report. Imagine this Presiding Officer in the rural area - he gets to go back at 10:30 a.m and maybe not before a few glasses of tuak. Yummy! Early Gawai. So if anyone plans to be a candidate in the coming elections for these rural areas - these are the conditions that you will have to bear and these are the folks that you will have to promise to bring development. Now since the Kuching folks do not want the Ninth Malaysia Plan projects and programmes, probably it would be a good time to divert some Flyovers in these rural areas.


Miriguy said…
welcome back man :)
How was everything? So, u're favourite candidate manage to get the mandate to serve our fellow Sarawakians in ur area?
Apai Salleh said…
The Opposition candidate in Batu Danau did pretty well by garnering 1,700 votes. I think the winning candidate had something like 2,400 votes ??? I am not too sure. said…
flyover divert? hmmmm .... there's gonna be a huge X 9999999 traffic jam there hehehehehehe .... anybody who can't stand it should go straight to "rest house" over there ...