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Video Blogging Experiment

The curiousity continues. Uchukeling's post on the subject about Video Blogging Program of 5 Takes brought out some curiousity in me. There are several video blogging websites coming up. Are these video modes the blogs of tomorrow? It would be interesting to see how it turns out really. I am curious about it myself. I get more challenged when I came across Stephanie Liah's Video and of her attempt at doing 'My Hump'. This Iban lady is something else I am sure you will agree with me later. I have found four video upload sites which looks quite promising. Amongst them are:

Google Video
You Tube

Anyway I have signed up for You Tube to find out how stable it is if I were to put a few videos in here instead of me using the 'imbeded' command which I used earlier in my other blogs. I see that the other bloggers like Kenny Sia and Sixthseal have started doing their own versions of video blogging and I will try out this blog to see how stable it is with Blogspot.

The first one I got from my camera phone is of a regular (very regular) outings with friends. I managed to shoot this clip with a my video phone which is a 3gp Video Format. To change the format from 3gp to video 'Avi or Mpeg' I used Xilisoft 3gp Video Converter which I believe can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

I find that using the video phone actually limits your ability to get a clear image of what is actually going on. I have to apologise for the poor recordings. This is just a trial version. Here we have a danciing scene of one of my buddies in a rather regular (very very regular) fun spot in Kuching town.

Stephanie Liah's 'My Hump' Video Blog

This Iban lady of mixed parentage (Mum is Iban and Dad is Chinese) from Budu area in Sarawak has set a standard for aspiring video blogging Sarawakians. Being in Korea, I guess she has some free time to really master the art of video blogging. I must say I have got to get myself a better video camera (phone or real recorder) if I am to convert to video blogging like Steph. No...not of my dancing videos! I can try to do the 'My Hump' dance like Stephanie on line and risk all - maybe I cause a few people to die from laughter. Nah... I guess I will leave the dancing to Steph, you do it better than me. The other 'development' videos I will try :)

I was speechless after the performance. I told Stephanie that if I were to ever to invite her to my longhouse this coming Gawai to do the 'My Hump' I fear that my longhouse will collapse. Now I will wait for another feedback from my 'colleagues" who would always find something wrong with my postings. The only thing wrong at the moment is that I have a stiff back after watching Steph's video's sideways (90 degrees). Hope you can improve the video display part Steph :). Hope all of you can also give some feedback on the performance of the You Tube imbeded display in this blog so that I may improve it later on just in case so that I may include more video blogs in future. In addition to that I am trying to learn a few Korean songs and language just in case I go to Korea one day. I hear the weather is nice there.

Being entertained by Stephanie


Apai Salleh said…
Collapse magang pc aku ketadi meda's true , my head was tilting to the side watching this, for Steph's "My hump" version, phewwwwwwww!!!!!
Wilson Chin said…
pangyao, i have to call u "shi fu"la. when u wanna intro stephanie to me :)
Kenny said…
Anonymous said…
Haha....nice humps!!! before reading your shoutbox, I knew it was Math. I called him this morning so... I guess his doing ok. Tunggu you punya update lambat lah!!
Uchu Keling said…
Holy cow! I need to see the operators at the blind centre for my stiff neck. Can I put you to be responsible for my massage bills at the centre?
Miriguy said…
hehe.. besh nyer.. well, youtube is actually one of the very reliable free video hosting service provider around :p
Well, the web is constantly changing..
woooo.... nice a$$ and b00bies... Hot chick man! Intro ler..! said…
%$#@#^%*&&*(%#@^&*&*& .... apu kih nyamai nyak !!!!
wowwww! Need to learn those moves myself! Heheh...don't think my old hips can take the punishment though!

I had to tip my laptop so I didn't have to turn my neck 90 degrees to watch the hump! Duncan enjoyed the show with me .. he laughed out loud! Haha! said…
on second thought, macam pernah tengok this girl somewhere ... model ka?
Another wowww! Heheh, she's a self-confessed "bi". Check out her pics on myspace.
dellyne said…
i think everyone caught in a BIG SHOCK with stef.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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