Past, Present & Future


I recieved an SMS from my Mum early this morning. It went "Pls get a copy of 2day's BPOST.Tq" Thanks Mum, I guess I need reminding today about the 22nd anniversary of my late maternal Grandpa's memoriam.

SMS: Pls get a copy of 2day's BPOST.Tq (wah - even Mum uses abbreviations now)

Here I was, all set to rush to the office and get on with the Right Honourable Chief Minister's motion of thanks on the Ninth Malaysia Plan. I felt so bad because I ahev always made it a point to not forget important events in the family. History is to be treasured - it is something that holds you together, your roots of what we were and what we have become. There's a vast collection of old, old photos that belonged to my late grandad that if I do not find out the story behind it, will be lost in memory. So I am gathering all the required information at the moment and if I have enough materials, I will store it here in my cyber estate, to share with my cyber relatives and netcitizens.

In Memoriam: Borneo Post (20th April 2006)

The picture above is about a historical event in Song, Kapit. It would be interesting to find out what is all about. I have to get in touch with my grandma for this as not many people remember this event. Grandpa (with necktie) is the one on the left behind the boy with gong.

Present : Happy Birthday Richard!

In remembering the past, one should also not forget the present. Appreciate life and also the people around you as they are now. Live the day by the minutes and seconds. And it is also today that a very good friend of mine is celebrating his birthday. Richard and me grew up in the same neighbourhood in Sibu, though we attended different schools - rival schools to be exact, as I was in Sacred Heart and he was in Methodist School. It did not prevent me from ambushing him as the bus stop he waits for his bus was just across my house that time. We became colleagues in the Chief Minister's Department and classmates at the same University (in Ohio) for our Masters. I owe him a lot, after all the pain I had caused, he helped me to organise my engagement, and he was my Best Man for my wedding). Now he is helping me with my Health and Diet with his Frontiers International products. This afternoon, a few of us got him a cake and went up to his office to wish him a Happy Birthday. One must never forget to get a cake for someone who knows a lot of your secrets :) Hehehe... Happy Birthday Richard! Your secrets are safe with me. I hope you lock up mine in the Swiss Bank!

From left: Alexander Anthony Banyan, Richard Lon, me & Andrew Tukau

Cutting the cake

The Future: Sarawak's 9th Malaysia Plan

In the past we find guidance (from lessons learnt), in the present we seek wisdom - to guide us to the future. And it was today that our Chief Minister granted a motion of thanks to our Prime Minister on the Ninth Malaysia Plan. He then spoke of The Future Outlook for Sarawak. The scene was like a festival - the one day special Dewan Sitting. All the Yang Berhormats and Head of Departments, including the Press converged on the Dewan Undangan Negeri eager to listen to the Chief Minister deliver Sarawak's Perspective of the Ninth Malaysia Plan. The press also stayed for quite a while as there was to be a live linking with the Prime Minister after the speech. Some thought that the Chief Minister may 'suddenly' announce the dissolution of the Dewan but they were quite disappointed. However reliable sources say, I repeat, reliable sources say: "The date for this Special Dewan Stitting today has something to do with the date that the Nine (9) New Seats for the Dewan come into effect. As of tomorrow (21 April 2006) the Dewan Undangan Negeri would have 71 Seats (addition of the Nine (9) Seats. Though the additional seats were announced earlier, the date it comes into force (Gazzetted in Oridnance)is tomorrow, meaning to say it would not be right to dissolve the Dewan today when there are only 62 Seats". So after tomorrow anything can happen so the press better wait for the Chief Minister to meet the Tuan Yang Terutama Governor

The YBs after the Motion of Thanks: Happy Together

I like the photo above as it coincides with today's Borneo Post headlines which says that the Belaga Seats and Ngemah Seats would go to the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) leaving the two Yang Berhormats who represent the Constituency in a limbo as they are now with the Sarawak People's Democratic Party (SPDP). Now you can see the PRS and SPDP Presidents there sitting down like close buddies. It shows that this coming election will be quite interesting to observe. As a government servant I will declare my impartiality as the positive development of the State is much more important to me than resorting to political bickering and maneuvering. Though my late grandfather was a politician, he gave his best to the people in his capacity as the people's representative while I shall give my best in my capacity as the people's servant. That is why the Ninth Malaysia Plan is dear to my heart as our offie was so much into it that we want to see the 'Vision' all implemented and not wasted by the 'Little Napoleans' (as mentioned by the PM) and corruption.

The Press Conference

The heart of the Ninth Malaysia Plan: Sarawak Perspective are the Development Focus which is Human Capital and Research & Development, The Rural Areas as well as Higher Value Added Industries and Resource Based Industries. The Six Development Strategies which we will embrace are:

  1. Developing Human Capital and Research & Development Capability
  2. Speeding Up Growth in Rural Areas
  3. Capitalising on Energy Resources
  4. Engaging the Private Sector
  5. Enhancing the Quality of Life
  6. Improving the Implementation Machinery and Delivery System

These are not just mere words. With a determined Prime Minister and a equally abled Chief Minister the State has tremendous potentials for positive growth - provided the World Economy is not in turmoil. I look at it this way, I have another twenty good years (with God's Will if he gives me that many years) to serve the State Government. The implementation of the Ninth Malaysia Plan provides the blueprint on how best the State can attain its Vision. On another front, I am a family man who hopes that there is a bright future for my children in the State. On top of that I am a Proud Sarawakian. Living is about learning and home is where the heart is, so its all we have got.

In short - History will be a Platform from where we learn from the Past; We Live in the Present to gain Wisdom to Strive For a Better Tomorrow, for ourselves, for our family, for the people we serve, for the State, for the Country and for the World. Peace, Prosperity & Health be with us all.


Wilson Chin said…
in life, friends are important. you're lucky to have that best friend of yours.
Happy birthday Richard :)
Apai Salleh said…
William Mawan's face says it all. hehehehe,

Anyway, who cares, they are all the same, if I smiled i would only be lying.
Anonymous said…
Komen. sempit amat bangku alai sida ia duduk.