Shangri-La Lemon Garden Cafe or Shang

There is one thing about Kuala Lumpur that I always like. I mean I really really love the place for that special thing. Not the girls.....ler. Kuala Lumpur ladies can come second in my KL Top Ten List. But they have many similiarities with my my Number One - and that is the food. Presentable, delicous, irresistable - one look and you are hungry for more, and more, and more....but like I say, if you want quality you will find it rather expensive. Yeah, KL girls.....i mean food :)...which I managed to sample at the 'Shang' (that's another name for the Hotel by the KLites - they pronounce it 'Sheng'). have got to sound very KL like when you call them to meet you at Shangri-La Hotel. This happened when I called my cousin to arrange for him to meet me at the Lemon Garden Cafe. I was having lunch there with the Sarawak 9MP Team, and being an 'out of town' fella I find that my conversation with him became difficult. Though he is a Sarawakian, I believed he has been transformed or KLized.

"Hey, can you meet me at Lemon Garden Cafe?"
"Where is that?"
"Its in Shangri-La Hotel"
"Oh you mean, Shang?"
"Who's Shang?"
"The Hotel la,Ya la, you are at the Shang?"
"No I am at the Lemon Grass Garden"
"Which is at Shang rite?"
"Its at Shangri-La lah, Shangri-la Hotel"
"Ya la...Shang is Shangri-La hotel"

Grrr.... maybe he wants to make me feel like a 'lost iban somewhere in the middle of KL'... But anyway, let's proceed with the food sampling there shall we?

The Lobby was very inviting and the calmness was complimented by the forest view

Presentable tables - makes you wanna take the decorations home

Variety of spices for show

Irresistable dishes - salmon etc

Fresh prawns on ice

Egads - my favourite: Oysters

Noodle stall presentation

My dish - just took the non fattening ones as I am on Operation Lipid Attack diet. *sad*

The aquarium deco was another attraction

What Malaysia Airlines offered on my return flight....Omigosh...Take me to the Sheng!


Coconut Ice said…
i tot oysters were high cholesterol :P

the buffet spread looks delish!! how much is it eh? said…
hehehe mee inside the bilun also looks nice ....
gus said…
Hahah! Shang...I've never heard it refered that way. Then again, Shang is hardly on my usual encounter list. Or maybe I'm not an Iban lost in KL.

That's it, I'm a bidayuh lost in KL. Oh but the food does look good. Lipid or not, I'll hang it for a day and dive right in. You're a tough one, good.

Buzz me up when you're in KL again and we'll have a nice 'randau' in the city.
Miriguy said…
adui.. sedap nye. aram tua ke shangri-la.. Hehe!
Coconut Ice said…
agus: i wana folo oso~! :P am also a bidayuh (mixed chinese, to be specific) UN-lost in KL

~craving for kolok mee~
Anonymous said… favorite too. Mathew had first hand experience when we were in KL. He loves it too!
Ka jeluak makai raw oysters! :-( Tapi enti fried kah, sedap ga eh ..

Amat lawa arrangements food neh! Good to look, good to it .. or something like that!
Wilson Chin said…
hahaha MAS food are always the errr...."best".. kekeke

Next time, you come KL, I take you go eat something more awesome than the Shang. It is at this place called Jogoya. You will die from overeating.

Google: Jogoya KL.

Cheers man.... airplane food sucks. I get it when my housemate so call tapau the untouched and unopened food that is going to be thrown away.
Anonymous said…
Haha tapau!, ila nguji ke Jagoya gak, dini alai nya kini.
Hehehe..left the blog a few days for the comments. But I have to hit the streets again as election looms here in Sarawak....will get back to you all in your individual blogs :) Happy Easter people!