UNIMAS - Sarawak's Pride

Today marked a proud moment for Sarawak as the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Patinggi Abdullah Ahmad Badawi officiated the main campus of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Large UNIMAS silver structure marks the entrance to the (new) main campus

Some of the modern buildings in the campus

During the launch day the scenery in the campus was quite unique - the mini market, the skull exhibition from the Pusat Seni and the Buggies, I believe used by Security

The fountain view

Fountain view from a raised angle

The crowd was massive - I estimated about 10,000 people attended the launching

The Prime Minister arrival greeted by VVIPs. They had a large screen displayed near the main building with the drummers and traditional performers

Speeches of the day - the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister stressed the same thing and that is the significance of the University in producing quality graduates for achieving the all rounded 'Human Capital' as mentioned in the Ninth Malaysia Plan. Another point stressed by the Prime Minister was the opportunity that the University will give to those who want to pursue higher eductaion. Almost all the States would have a University in future.

The launch - The Prime Minister points to the banner being rolled slowly from the building across, signifying the launch

The Launch Theme: Contemporary and Forward Looking

Unimas undergraduate students singing - rendering the Unimas Song

Too many VVIPs around so I decided to take a pictures of my buddies :) Tuan Haji Mario Wan Agus who provided the tents for the event and Encik Ismail Yunus of the Natural Resource & Environment Board

And yes, I can't miss out Richard Lon - my camera man friend in arms :) nearby his boss: that is if you can find Richard :) Sorry Rich, this picture is blurr.

The Prime Minister's Signature

With the opening of the main campus the University hopes to increase its intake by two to three folds. It agurs well for the future of the State and the country as a whole as this will provide more opportunity for those who are qualified to acquire University education. This adds to another jewel to the Samarahan Division which aims to be the fountain of knowledge for Sarawak as it currently has the UiTM Campus there and also the Teacher's Training College.

Congratulations to UNIMAS - may you shine and become the pride of Sarawak!!


Francis Ho said…
Hmmmm d best looking campus in Malaysia?
wah, the campus looks beautiful! could be the best looking since it is the latest and newest! :-)
the campus is beautiful but then does the beauty reflects the amount of knowledge that is being produced..?

Malaysia university's campus, all very beutiful. I know the Theory of Recency and Primacy applies but then all empty vassels only ler. You should come to Penang and tour USM. It has changed trumendously.

But anyways, the look of UNIMAS is amazingly grand. Not bad!
Chris Anakapai said…
The time it took for the new campus to be completed = The amount of time I take for my first degree + almost completed my masters studies. It was said that my batch will have our convocation (Bachelor's la) at the new campus. Mimpi je

Well, at least when I get my master's scroll it will be at the new campus... :)
Wilson Chin said…
ada ah moi cantik kah hari itu?
Bob Marshall said…
I liked your blog. I found it while googling the Kuching/Sibu expressboat. My name is Dr. Bob Marshall, from Glasgow, Scotland, and in the last 30 years I have visited Kuching and Sibu 53 times from the UK. MAS is very happy with me.....I am making my last visit in Nov/Dec, and would like to visit the new University. I saw it on my last trip earlier this year, and I think it was on the site of the old airport. I teach Philosophy, Politics and Economics here, but am about to retire. I have enjoyed my many visits, and have lots of friends in Sibu and Kuching. Well done with your blog, and if you ever visit the UK, I would be happy to advise you.