9th Malaysia Plan: Sarawak

The Right Honorable Chief Minister of Sarawak will be giving a motion of thanks to our Right Honourable Prime Minister on the Ninth Malaysia Plan which was tabled in the Parliament on 31 March 2006, tomorrow morning.

The main document of the 9th Malaysia Plan

The preparation of the Ninth Malaysia Plan with regards to the approach that Sarawak will be embarking with regards to the National Mission has been binded up and ready to be put out to all Sarawakians tomorrow.

Sarawak's Perspective: Ready to Roll (To be revealed 9:30 a.m 20th April 2006)

This has been the result of really hard work of all the fellow officers and colleagues who have reviewed the Malaysia Ninth Malaysia Plan Document day in and day out night in and night out. Of course the majority of the people are expecting the announcement of the Ninth State Election. I believe this will not be the venue ...... or it could be, only the Chief Minister knows, or he doesn't but he is not telling.

Politics, though fun, can be put aside for a while, as the Dewan Undangan Negeri Special Sitting goes underway tomorrow and it would be a good venue to look towards the future. We should be joining forces to march forward towards the next five - fifteen years, which the Prime Minister has indicated, is the Second Wave of our journey to become a Developed Nation and Developed State. I do not know why I sound this way, so patrotic, ....hmmm..but as some doomsayers will say - the 9th Malaysia Plan Speech is merely words. My friends, words they may be, but its a Plan which the people of Sarawak can be inspired by..... So far not many other States in Malaysia (except maybe for Penang, Selangor or Sabah) has dished out their roadmap to adapt the Second Wave after the announcement by the Prime Minister. What good are plans without strategies and programmes which will compliment the Federal Government's efforts? In sharing his aspirations the Chief Minister is expected to unveil the various startegies to achieve the National Mission.

In order to reach this objective, our State needs the right stuff and ingredients. Not just the Money. There is a saying which I usually go by. "There are three types of people", First there are People who listen about things happen, Second there are People who watch things happen, and Thirdly, there are people who makes things happen.

So which category are you? The road has been set and it will be announced tomorrow - stay tuned to the media :)