Wet Sri Aman

Flood and Landslide in Sri Aman

Sri Aman experienced heavy rain last Friday. It started around midnight and when I woke up in the early morning it has not stopped yet. Then my worst fear was confirmed when I received flood occurrence and landslides reports from those plying the Lubok Antu road- Sri Aman town. Though most reports came from Lubok Antu, I did not know why my mind jumped to SK Klassen, its hanging bridge and the students there. Deeply worried I quickly made my way to the school which was 20 minutes from Sri Aman town. When I reached the school I was again worried as I saw students hanging around the car parking space before the bridge. I was glad that the school had decided to close and the students had been prevented from staying inside. Those who attended boarding school were already asked to leave.

What the students have to go through when the water levels at Klassen River rises to the hanging bridge's height. That was not the only danger for those crossing as I saw water snakes pass. Hopefully no other creatures are lurking around there

Students waiting for their parents to pick them from school - they stand by the foundation of the new bridge that is being built at the moment

Testing the bridge's safety at the moment with some of the teachers and villagers at Klassen - my worry was that should there be a torrent of logs rushing down the river it will surely be 'captured' by the bridge

So at the moment only the rushing water is causing a 'drag' effect on the bridge, which in the long run will will result in strain on the wires and ropes that are holding this hanging bridge.

The structures of the new bridge that is to be build next to the hanging bridge also submerged. Constant rainfall has caused the work on the new bridge to be affected

We proceeded to Batu Lintang area which has been cut off due to the road access to the small town being submerged underwater at knee deep to hip level in some places

Landslides along the Lubok Antu road and about six were recorded early in the morning. the road maintenance crew was dispatched immediately to clear them

The Lubok Antu Waterfront was also underwater as seen here

Kampung Kutai in Lubok antu was also flooded and by the time I reached the place in the afternoon most of the caged animals were released and seen here taking refuge at the compound of the owners' houses

Hilton Batang Ai was cut off as a serious landslide occurred at the Batang Ai road

The local Dewan Undangan Negeri for N.29 YB Encik Malcolm Mussen arriving here together with the Road maintenance crew from the Sri Aman Public Works Department

YB Encik Mussen himself was at hand to ensure that the road clearance was done to clear the landslide which had stranded those at the other side of the road

One for the album - a snapshot with the ever active YB Encil Malcolm Mussen as he made his rounds to the areas affected by the flood and lanslide.

Though in the days ahead the attention of the weather proceeded to Sibu which also became a waterworld, the flood in Sri Aman was handled well by the various personnels who were manning the Divisional Disaster Reilef Committee which comprised of the various government departments, Most of them sprang into action from the word 'Go'. Most of the Yang Berhormats were already on the ground overseeing aid and cleaning up works. It was a good outing as no lives were lost except for a collapsed hanging bridge at Nanga Kesit area. Work goes on as we are constantly vigilant on the changing weather pattern as any serious flood in Sri Aman interiors would be very serious due to the hilly terrains and inaccessibility of most areas. To all the departments involved, I wish to thank you all for your support and cooperation. For without them it could have been worst. How worst? Below is a picture of the Nanga Kesit Bridge, Lubok Antu sent by a friend (Jang Lemanak) which collapsed due to the force of high water levels. It sent shivers to think if the same fate falls on SK Nanga Klassen Bridge but the mission now is to complete the new bridge as soon as possible.
The collapsed Nanga Kesit bridge (courtesy of Jang Lemanak) - the Lubok Antu District Office will request for a replacement hanging bridge from the State Development Office.


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