Two Cars Peng

Slippery Road Causes Accident

Two cars went 'peng' (a term we use to describe accident here especially if the cars turned turtle or is really in an akward position) this morning at around 7:30 am. The incident happened about 30 kilometers from Sri Aman town, on the way to Mount Hosanna Chapel. The two cars skidded down the slippery slope (caused by rain) and ended in the ditches. None of the occupants were hurt though.

The white Perodua Kelisa on the right is seen in the ditch. At first glance you would have assumed this accident involved only one car but why is that orange shirt guy across the road if he owned the Perodua Kelisa?

Another guy in orange seemed to be inspecting the Perodua Kelisa and taking things out from the car -  it must be the owner

Another passerby (with cigarette) was also there asking if the accident victim need a tow truck. Hmm......

On a closer look I saw something that looked like a green Proton Iswara in the bushes. Nearby two figures huddled  down by the road side under the cold drizzle.

A young boy and an elderly woman was sitting down trying to find shelter from the light drizzle

After interviewing the two car owners it seemed that they have made the necessary calls for help and both drivers are from Debak, Betong. I doubled check them for any injuries but both seemed well and relaxed. As they did not request for other assistance and turned down my offer to bring the boy and the elderly lady to my office while the owners sort things out. It seems that someone with tow truck connections had arrived also. I won't stay around as they proceeded to talk with the car owners. I made my way back to my car but when I looked at the boy again, I decided to give him my umbrella. That much I can offer as they were confident their relatives were on the way. I am just glad that everyone is okay. 


headsteadi said…
You're really a good samaritan. Salute you Tuan!
Raymond Menjang said…
nang selalu sidin tempat tu. ari mit sampai besai (12-30 umurku) ditu jk sidin.
i think that cigarette man is a repo man too... looks familiar from the bank i used to work. lol