Wassup Kuching

Above Kuching

To be honest, flying is not exactly my favourite thing as I really prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground (except for a few inches when I am driving in my car). But the view from the sky sometimes mesmerize you and like they say a bird's eye view sometimes is more encompassing of realising what is around you. So if its something like less than two hours or just for a few minutes I don't mind. Since then this confines my travelling any point within the two hour radius of Sarawak. I do realize that one day I will have to overcome this phobia when I have to take the family beyond my comfort flying radius. My experience and trip to the United States during my university days was  torturing enough that I had to stock on the in flight red wine and games just to calm myself down during those fifteen to ten hours in the air. It was not easy also as there would be a screen which will show where your plane is 'blipping' over the great Atlantic Ocean - which is basically water and water and water minus the land. But a helicopter ride is always less than one hour and one can get to see more of land and less clouds. Armed with a good camera it makes for a perfect outing. Here are some pictures of Kuching for Nadai Nama Nama's viewers which I manage to capture. I know its not much but well like I say, when you are up in the sky and sitting at the back, there's no communication between you and the pilot. Unless you are really on an aerial photo shoot mission which will be a different case. They'll open the helicopter door for you and tie you with some safety belts so that you can have a clearer shot. The flight engineer accompanying you will stay a few distance 'away from the open door' while you lean over the edge wide entrance. Thus, between you and the engineer, it will seem like Titanic's "You Jump, I Jump" kinda sequence but I don't think that applies to aerial photography. In my case it was shooting from outside a small window provided and you have to open and close it quickly at times as the noise of the wind from outside is pretty deafening. This usually causes passengers who are scared of heights to panic and they'll will stare at you as if they want to kick you out of the helicopter. Luckily the space in the helicopter does not allow for kicking. So here goes for those of you who miss Kuching's picturesque especially the tourism belt (waterfront area) and you can click on the photo for a larger version.

Kuching view from above the Satok air approach which I am sure Kuchingites will be familiar with

The famous Sarawak General Hospital
Civic Centre and the tennis courts along Croonkshank Road

A closer view of Civic Centre and partial view of the Sarawak Club and Amphitheatre

Kuching City South Council's distinct blue top and the areas surrounding it

Kuching Waterfront and the Kuching Steamship Company building

An overview of the famous buildings in Kuching water frontage area from the Satok aerial angle

What used to be Holiday Inn Kuching is now Hotel Margherita (yellow) and one can also see the Riverbank Suite (brown) including Riverside Majestic Hotel in the background

The political and administrative nerve centre of Sarawak comprised of the Governor's Official Residence (the Astana), the old and new Dewan Undangan Negeri, Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Wisma Pelita, Wisma Sumber Alam. The Stadium Sarawak and High Court can be also seen at a distance.

Side by Side: Fort Margherita and the new Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Legislative Assembly)


Wow, very nice! Wished I had such an opportunity to do aerial photography!
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pretty, especially around the waterfront
Unknown said…
hahahaha...nice one..its been month since i went back to Kuching....man wish i really had a long holiday...
headsteadi said…
thanks for the Kuching update Sir.
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