Back Up to Gawai

Backup Your Backup Always Coz You Will Never Know

Where did you go? I guess I have a lot to answer to my Nadai Nama Nama fans as I go back into history to put up my Gawai 2010 blog. Its not too late to blog about the fun I had during my Gawai celebration. It was just that there was a mixture of events that hampered this blog. The main one of course was the sudden wipeout of data in my portable hardrive which contained all my backups, photos taken for the past eight years. Now I am just picking up whatever pieces of those 180GB information and files that have disappeared knowing very well I will never get all of them back.

The next is the Dell Netbook that I am using right now is underperforming. I know I am a camel trophy type of computer user, multitasking here and there while surfing the net and I believe I need a more powerful and responsive machine to work with. This Netbook was supposed to make it easier to blog with its portability and the supposedly powerful Intel Atom Processor - but it just can't handle what I have to put in from my Nikon D5000 and a hardworking photo editing software at the same time. In So I guess a netbok is just for the Internet and its meant for light work - as if I did not know. Now that I have started to reorganise but still cry over my lost data I'll backtrack on where I left behind this past few months and that is my Gawai 2010.

And so, was Gawai 2010 good for you as it was for me? Here are some scenes of Gawai in Sibu especially at the wharf when I went there a few days before Gawai.

The Gawai scene at the Sibu Wharf during the eve of Gawai - brisk sales of tickets for the boat operators

Hey look - one can still find a trishaw along the busy streets of Sibu Town.

Poerter counting his earnings as he helps in bringing the goods to and from the boat. This is the time they can make three digits in income.

Passengers waiting for the their boats making good use of the extra chairs put in place.

The next post will be on the family adventures we had last Gawai and maybe interrupted by some latest events that I need to blog about. Its a reminder to those who has digital files and data, constantly back them up. As James Joshua adviced me, make backups for your backups. Too true James...still it was a painful lesson.


headsteadi said…
Go for Macbook bro :)