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Of all the undesirable comments that I have rejected, I thought twice about the one I recieved today. You can click on the above image to see what was posted in my comment box ready to be Rejected or Published. It is indeed an interesting piece of writing which deserve my attention because this person by the name of "NGU" may represent the Ngu family Clan that number by the millions thus I need to address his or her problem. Okay - my response to Mr. or Mrs. Ngu will be in yellow. Next time I would appreciate if you can just use your real name and picture profile to make your case more solid - my advice to most anonymous commentors.

hahaha. sapa speech writer injau dik mond? (Urm...I forgot his name. He writes a lot of Obama's speech but I use Britney Spear's lyricist sometimes)

yea admin staff baka kitak enda patut politicize pengawa seari kitak. (Ok boss - i understand we admin staff should only shuffle and sign papers everyday)

Let the state BN answer to the critics themselves. Just do your work and serve the people.It would be out of your duty to campaign for a political party. (Yes boss, I understand your concern for my well being.)

But anyways, nuan have a right to your own piece of mind (or in this case, someone else's) haha. (Yes Boss...I will get that person and tell him that I am now in trouble because of his piece of mind. I will knock his head now *Ouch*)

I just pray that your consience is clear when you say that you support a regime that outrightly undermine native rights and other basic human rights. (Thank you for your prayers Boss. My conscience is clear and I have to say did I mention my support for any regime?)

Thousands of natives are being evicted from their land by the state right now. You are either too ignorant or too career-oriented because i know being a local grad and having no career prospect in the private sector, your current job is your best hope for a future. (Yes Sir - I understand that Evicted versus Resettled after compensation is certianly being ignorant Boss. And yes Boss, being a Local Grad is very harmful for my career. With those University Act and things, we local grads are supposed to be a 'domesticated' lot. Now the private Sectors will burn my CV everytime I send it to them. I am doomed in my present job, serving the people as indicated by you Boss)

You would save yourself a lot of shame and sin by keeping your mouth shut and discharging your duties without getting involved in the on-going by-election. sekian. (Yes Boss, I will try not to get involved in the By Election even though I am directed to discharge my official duties related to the By Election Boss. But Boss...if I don't do that, I will lose my job and the private sector won't accept me. So how Boss?)

Let me think about this for 5 seconds Boss.








In Yahoo News: 25 Mac 2009 Next time if you have anything worth my time, use your real name and we can talk.... I think that is what Obama is thinking.

Thank you for waiting Boss....I call you boss because you sound like one. Sorry again Boss, coz my English is really bad one ah. Alang-alang sekolah boss. Is it okay Boss? Anyway I am deeply touched by what you have to say Boss. Your knowledge on what administrators do here especially in the Resident office is that we sit in our Office and watch the occassional development in our area and send our reports to Headquarters. So if there is a flood, longhouse fire or landslide in our area we coordinate things via telephone and issuing of Memos Boss? No need for us to go to the ground and check the situation or get in touch with the people affected. In addition to that Boss, I do not know how you percieve the quality of Local Graduates and I presume you come from a much more previleged kindergarden than mine. My private sector friends are laughing their heads off at the sight of me in Government Service Boss. They really enjoy their Nine to Five job Boss and I do envy their good pay. But anyway Boss, I have to do what I love to do and that is blogging and as you notice Boss, my Blog's last post on Mee Segera did not mention any particular political alignment Boss and I never mentioned any political party (only the result of my randon survey of BN's popularity on 18th March 2009). Your perception on the way I described Government need to be wholesome and not guided by your prejudices. When I said those 'outside' Sarawak, I do assume that you may be thinking that I am saying PKR, but you never thought of DAP, PAS, MCA, MIC, UMNO, Parti Bersatu Sabah (they were here once), PPP, Obama's Democratic Party (I wish), Bush' Republican Party (Oh No!)? As long as they do not campaign feverishly using race, religion or defamation, pitting friends versus friends, brothers versus brothers and so forth. To each his own and I urge you to think when reading blogs. I strive for a mature blogger community whereby when one reads something in the Internet or watch International television channels, one should be ready to ask oneself - is this right? If one feel strongly about it - express it in your own way through newspapers (media) or easily your blog if any bearing in mind you are responsible for what you say. Post your smart ideas (like yours) in their comment box - but please use your real name la. In the 2006 Elections I had my own insight on how things are reported especially on the unwarranted tactics used at that time by certain quarters. I expressed that in my blog though I know it would not account for much but at least I have said my piece.

My Click on my "May - How Low" posting

Okay enough of this trivial matters for now. I just want to share with the readers now on what the mood and setting is like in Lubok Antu. The town itself is thriving with the small mobile traders making their move to the area near the market. I believe this is in anticipation of the large crowds that will converge on the small town pretty soon.

The Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) launched Batang Ai's Koperasi Bela Rakyat (KOBERA) its ninth branch at the Dewan SALCRA Batang Ai on 24th March 2009. This Koperasi is part of the Government's initiative to uplift the lives of those in the hard core poor category, the poor and single parents. The function and the election of office bearers was officiated by YB Datuk Peter Nyarok ak Entrie (Assistant Minister for Agriculture)

The participants were appreciative of the efforts brought about by the Government. I had a nice chit chat session with them during break time. My discussion with them on what they thought of the By Election, some of them were still unfamiliar with who the candidates are going to be. Though the YB Datuk did mention about them in his speech some mentioned to me during our lunch break "Bedau ngelala gamal ia. Ninga nama Mussen selalu tang bedau meda ia" "Jawah ngari parti Barisan?" These are some of the simple minded people who are still not familiar with the candidates and the posters put up in the town area seem to be putting up our present Prime Minister's ones and also the Opposition leader, YB Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim. The candidate's posters could only be up after Nomination day on 29th March 2009.

Police tents have been put in place to ensure calm and order

Police tents also seen at strategic places on the way to Batang Ai Dewan SALCRA which I believe will be polling area

Flag and poster Wars are a norm during election. Though there are no Billboards displayed like those in Kuching yet - we can never know how creative these party people can get. Like the Keadilan Flags placed on a raft in the Batang Ai river - its an eye catcher especially for those passing by the bridge to Lubok Antu Town or those using boats

And there are signs which reminds people of the PKR Candidate ex YB Jawah Gerang as he used to officate functions around this area.So that's my obeservation at this point and to Mr. or Mrs. Ngu, make sure you have some cold water next to you when eating Mee Cili Pedas. By the way if you are a member of the Sarawak Dayak Graduate's Association (Ngu?) I hope you can also provide some advice for our local Dayak Graduates that they are doomed like me. Cheers!


Nimi Momo said…
Aiyo.. Saya pun local grad. Saya ok jak dlm private sector. Tak baik la itu masham..
Mizz Coki said…
Hahaha.. i can't help to laugh at Ngu's comments are so pedas like mee masak with 'Ngut Ngut' and sounds so 'Nguk Ngok' .. ngongok bongok whatsoever you call that....
Uchu Keling said…
I am reading this. (hope the grammar is correct for a non-graduate like mee).

But I harap to meet you in person soon (peminat bahh).
Tia said…
saya pun local grad... UiTM le..saya bekas kerja federal gomen juga dulu. resign kemudian join private sector...

hmmm........ able to smile only kawan..
Pn Hamidah said…
I just have this to say. As this is your blog sir, so I respect your views and ideas and if at some levels our opinions and standpoint might differ and I have nothing nice to say or contribute then I would choose not to say anything at all. Keep up the good job of blogging and serving the needs of the people as there are still many others out there who values your services and understand the many challenging and demanding tasks ahead in regards to this by-election.And sorry sir, my english is still poor if compare to yours and hope you don’t mind.TQ.
Agent Ahmmy

My thank yous for your comments and interesting perspective. Please pretty please my Inglish is ada kureng sket. I do not pride myself in the lingo but being able to convey my thots. Sumtimes the spelling typos don matter unless it really distract the meanings... try going to this site :)
Mama Belian - psstt...i nengar sidak SAINS ada bonus ko... C121 sik juak jaoh... ulih makai belalai :)
Tia said…

psst........whenever u r me, sms or call me. u wud know how to get my number kan? yes.... C121 not far, he he problemo!
Civil Service 101 - be a dispassionate civil servant. Do not take side. Simple explanation but daunting.

How are you buddy?
cyrildason said…
If I'm not mistaken, it is our right to uphold the current governments policy. I mean, if the civil servants don't support the government, then, who will??