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Bloggers - they come and they go. That's what I seem to notice and I have come to accept that as I notice that some of my blogging friends have ceased to blog. The latest were two of the blogs I follow closely by Danny (of The Next Singapore Prime Minister) and Hammy (of Grace & Serenity), which sometimes make me particularly worried as I seem to be typing away on my keyboard ruthlessly. Wierd as it may feel sometimes I am concerned that I may be depriving myself of other activities which they may have discovered apart from blogging. But its hard to stop when my curiousity throws me deeper into that cyberspace Black Hole. Currently I am experimenting with this mobile blogging capability featured in Blogger. It allows me to post from my mobile phone 'live' as the event happens, and I have been busy tinkering with it for the past two weeks. It can't get any worse - as that was the time when the Internet Slowdown seemed to be happening probably in tune with the Economic Slowdown. Something to do with some cable faults somewhere in another part of the world. The blog was named Desmond in Motion or Desmotion ( - probably inspired by the Research in Motion researchers who introduce Blackberry. So I integrated it together in my Nadai Nama Nama and placed in in the left corner of the blog so that the item will be updated whenever I make a post. So far the feature only allows one photo to be uploaded through my Sony Ericsson P1i. Depending on the signal the handphone works well when the signal is strong, though I had some frustrating moments when the WiFi or 3G signals were weak. This I got to try when I traveled to Kuala Lumpur last week and sometimes I am quite disappointed by the 3G speed in this part of the City as I hoped it would be better than in Sri Aman or Kuching. Anyway I tried my best not to complain as I know technology has a way of catching up with my needs.

The mobile blogging machine - my Sony Ericsson P1i. Blogging has never been easier when you are on the move. The phone is ok for this purpose as I notice that it performs quite well when the Internet signal is working fine. The only problem is that Internet coverage in Sarawak is quite limited and it tends to hang when it is attempting to look for the signal

So no matter what kind of technolgy gadget that is available at Low Yat Plaza, a place which I spent most of my Kuala Lumpur visit last week, the bottom line is you have to have reliable connectivity (be it GPRS aka 2G, 2,G as in EDGE or 3G or 3.5G HSDPA) - like I know what these all mean, and I almost subscribed to WIMAX not knowing its not avaliable yet in my part of the world.....but whatever you name it, its actually like water to a fish. Imagine that the Internet Warrior is the fish, take away the water it swims in, it will thrash around hopelessly. Which is why I am thinking of getting another hobby.

So in the end I managed to save some money by not getting any of those high tech gadgets in Low Yat Plaza and spent a large some of it at the Low Yat Plaza wash room. It costs 50 sen just to shee shee there. Amazing, I have got to inform those travellers who drop by at the public toilet at the Sri Aman junction while enroute to some other towns in Sarawak to stop complaining to me about being charged 30 sen entrance fee to use the wash room there, which they say is normally 10 or 20 sen in Kuching. Obviously they have not been to Low Yat Plaza toilet.

Kuala Lumpur has some new shopping destinations - one I managed to drop by was The Pavilion. I would say it matches Mega Mall in shopping needs but I leave that to the professional ladies shoppers to compare. We guys do not demand much - just a place where we can purchase the socks, necktie, toothpaste and tooth brush or underwears that we forgot to bring for the meeting - that is enough for us.

Incidently the Pavilion was just one year old when I dropped by and I have to say I am impressed by what it has to offer

That large floor area/size on the Ground Floor can accomodate the whole Sri Aman Resident Office, and maybe plus one mini post office, a kopitiam and maybe a handicraft shop.

Hi Udin! Meeting a blogger friend famed for Titian Damai blog at KLIA. I can say he may have been at Low Yat Plaza too looking at his Birthday Present wish - Blackberry Bold or Javelin

When it was time to go back, I knew it was worth it as I can now say that I need not upgrade my present Sony Ericsson P1i to enable me to pursue DesMotion's improvments as it served me fine during my stay in KL. It was an important discovery as I managed to save a lot ~ quite tempted to get that latest Blackberry. During this economy downturn, it pays to be prudent. Its not the equipment that is the problem, but our infostructure development in Sarawak. The digital gap is rather wide and I have to say if they want to get rid of poverty in the country it better include Digital Poverty. But anyway I will try my best to see how I can make do with whatever I have in this small corner of Sarawak called Sri Aman. As the excitement leading to the N.29 Batang Ai or Batang Air By Election, I will see if my Sony Ericsson P1i can handle the weak signals in the Lubok Antu area as the events unfold.


Wah br. Getting canggih arr? I didn't even know about mobile blogging and do not have such a canggih phone. Hahah...when u talked about KL, it reminded me of how long i have not been there. I think almost 2 years.

I do noticed that some people have stop blogging. However, they have told me that the have some personal reasons. Well, it is their rights. Looking at the positive side, it gives us the opportunity to find new friends. Hahaha
Uchu Keling said…
how do u watermark those pics via mobile blogging?
Pn Hamidah said…
Here's hoping I may not permanently cease blogging, just halting my blog for the time being,sir,my apologies for not notifying you earlier. Anyway, I had not for once failed following your entries and even posted comment on your mobile blog though it never seem to get published.You know that I have this one die-hard habit of clicking to your blog multiple times a day haha..Please forgive and bear with me on this.

So you and my bro Udin were in KL at that time, wish that both of you have texted me so maybe we all could meet up for lunch at my favorite place The Pavilion.Nice shots of places at Bukit Bintang though I seldom stop by Low Yat Plaza coz not really savvy on all those mind cracking gadgets haha..Looking forward to more of your always exclusive and interesting writings.TQ :)
Willie - I don't know why but maybe its just that I like tinkering with technology. It gives you that 'Waaah' effect.

UK - Editing can be done at the phone - I will try to experiment with a few postings

Hammy - Glad to know that know you are not abandoning blogging as you seem to have the knack for it - even matching the design and layout. I was un KL for a 24 hour trip for an urgeny meeting and then tried to keep up with technology at Lo Yat. similiarly Udin was busy with his former Tan Sri boss.
headsteadi said…
aisey bro ... datang KL senyap2 ho. like you, i too miss reading grace & serenity. now left yours and UK's blogs to feed my soul in the morning before I start my work. LOL.
cyrildason said…
Also hoping I will blog as long as I can man..

By the way, I never tried mobile blogging. Is it easy? You make it sound so simple, but with those tiny buttons, and the cost.. uhh.. Is it worth it??

p/s, do update your link.. changed domain.. hehehe

Cyril Dason @ cdason
Amiey Alen said…
eyh... me too... @

btw. is it really easy doing online by phone?

hyow much eyh the phone????