Batang Ai BN Candidate

Malcolm Mussen Meets the People

"Pictures are worth a thousand words". That's what Mr. Paul Igai (sitting on the right in the picture above wearing white), Political Secretary with the Chief Minister's Office told me. We met at an official function in Lubok Antu yesterday which was coordinated by the Sri Aman Resident Office and the Lubok Antu District Office.

Venue of yesterdays event: Dewan Sukan Lubok Antu (click for a larger image)

The function was related to the handing over of fuel subsidy or rebates (bantuan ehsan) for outboard engine owners in Lubok Antu. The ceremony was graced by YB Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang, the Deputy Chief Minister along with a few VVIPs namely, YB Dato Sri James Jemut Masing (Minister for Land Development), YB Tuan William Nyallau (Member of Parliament for P. 203 Lubok Antu), YB Dr. Stephen Rundi (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Member for N.60 Kemena), YB Dr. Johnical Rayong (Ahli Dewan Udangan Negeri for N.28 Engkilili). I have to thank Paul as he is a regular visitor to Nadai Nama Nama, and he told his friends here in Lubok Antu about Sri Aman's aerial photos in last weeks's Flying DR post. Incidently not many Sri Amanian know that they have a blogger somewhere in Nadai Nama Nama as I am one who prefers to lie low. In addition to that, the Internet access is rather limited at where I stay. So it can be forgiven if a lot of Sri Aman news and pictures pass right under their nose through this blog. Furthermore I do not to get involve in the present bloggers' tit for tat response with one another for the next few weeks, and I will appreciate if they can enjoy Nadai Nama Nama without leaving their political views in my comment box because it won't get published. Other comments are allowed except for the fiery ones and those suggesting disunity. Anyway the event in Lubok Antu was quite interesting for me as I managed to see the Barisan Nasional party introduce their 'manok sabong' or candidate, Mr. Malcolm Mussen Anak Penghulu Lumoh, for the vacant State Constituency N.29 Batang Ai (Batang Air aka Water Stick).

Preparing the venue: As usual, our office was to be the Event manager and my role was on the program itself with assistance from the other Government Office. The main role would be led by the Lubok Antu District Office and arrangements were made at the Dewan Sukan Sri Aman to accomodate the large crowd expected to converge here

Maybe to extend on Paul's comment, most of this post will be pictorial in nature with some elaboration of course. True, pictures are worth a thousand words, but in the current scenario of political swashbuckling, I would not want anyone out there to suddenly pick the photos and describe it with their own words to fit their own purposes. The upcoming election is quite hot I believe as I have a few heated political views in my unpublished Blogger Dashboard. I choose not to publish it as this is not a political blog, but what I view through my camera lenses. Sometimes in the course of executing my official duty I do come across interesting events like this one, and also, if I do happen to pass another political party's function, it will also be captured in the camera. So far, there has been little activity from the other aspiring candidates in this upcoming by-election so it does not get captured in this blog.

Working at night we had to make sure everything was ready for the event

Once we are satisfied - it was time to place the VVIP seats on stage

The next morning the VIPS who arrived earlier waited at the running track to awelcome YB Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu's who is scheduled to arrive at 9:40 a.m by helicopter

And at 9:40 a.m, the helicopter landed - the ever efficient Political Secretary - Issek Utau was there to recieve the Deputy Chief Minister's arrival

And surprisingly, Malcolm was also with the crowd - I did not recognise him amongst the crowd at first but I guess it would be hard to miss him now

The large crowd waiting for the arrival of the Deputy Chief Minister in the hall included all the community leaders in Sri Aman Division with the Heads of Department and the recipients

Once the Deputy Chief Minister's entered the hall, almost all the people came to greet him

On stage - interestingly when all the VIPs have gone on stage, one seat next to the Deputy Chief Minister was vacant. At this stage I have to say, YB Datuk Patinggi has a talent for being a unique event manager himself as we can never be sure what he has planned in mind. Initially we had planned for the Resident to provide the welcoming speech immediately but there were some slight changes when Datuk Patinggi immediately decided to approach the rostrum.

And without further delay the Deputy Chief Minister approached the rostrum to invite Mr. Malcolm Mussem anak Penghulu Lumoh to come on stage to occupy the seat next to him. I have to say, what a way to introduce the candidate. Its like watching the Akademi Fantasia or American Idol ala Lubok Antu style.

The ceremony included a moment of silence to remember the late YB Datuk Dublin Unting Anak Ingkot

Land Dispute claims: The moment that a lot of people have been waiting for was the introduction of the Sri Aman Land and Survey Superintendent (middle) - Encik Majuan who pledged to assist YB Datuk Patinggi to resolve issues involving land matters

YB Datuk Patinggi also exhibited his skills on preparing the traditional tool to use for clearing the river - which was another unique event during the ceremony

A show of support: Introducing YB Dato Sri James Jemut Masing as the Director of Operations for Barisan Nasional's N.29 Batang Ai machinery.

Soon after that the ceremony began and I would say though the recipients were large in numbers, the organising committee headed by the Lubok Antu District Office went smoothly. Some claimed its slow but once they got their fuel rebate I would say there was no complaints.

Happy recipients going on stage to recieve their claims form

Though the crowd was quite large at that time, the professionalism of the pooled staff from the various Government Departments cleared the rebate claims quickly. One has to be really careful when it comes to money matters so that the right claimants get the right amount.

Rumah Dimbab, Nanga Serubah Ili

The next destination for the fuel rebate was somewhere in Lemanak, and I was grateful that they provided a seat for me in the new Eurocopter. So its another trip in the air for me.

Aerial view over Tuai Rumah Dimbab (click for larger image) - can you spot the Tuai Rumah waving the Malaysian Flag. I spotted him from above the air as we were about to land

VVIPs landing - the District Officer Encik Nelson Mujah and Encik Malcolm (BN designated candidate arriving with the Deputy Chief Minister). Watch your head there - one is adviced to duck low even if the rotor is flying high above the head.

Our Malaysian Flag waving Tuai Rumah accompanies the VVIPs to the entrance of the longhouse where two young Kumang ladies are ready to pin the rossetes

Performing the miring at the entrance if the house by the VVIP guests

During the welcoming ceremony along the 23 doors longhouse - YB Datuk Patinggi shared with the folks there his Iban Warrior dancing skills.

The event was followed by lunch for the guests and also the longhouse folks, especially those who came from far away to collect the rebates

In the usual manner, the ceremony involved speeches from the various VVIPs who explained to the longhouse folks the rational of the fuel subsidy (bantuan ehsan) for outboard engine owners

Here again at Tuai Rumah Dimbab Longhouse, the candidate, Encik Malcolm Mussen Anak Penghulu Lamoh was introduced to the various Tuai Rumahs in the surrounding area by YB Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang and YB Tuan William Nyallau Anak Badak

Recipients of fuel rebates collected their forms from YB Tuan William Nyallau, District Officer Nelson Mujah Girie, Encik Malcolm Mussen and witnessed by the Resident Abang Shamshudin Seruji

Here again our Resident Office Sri Aman and the Lubok Antu District Office (including Engkilili Sub District) provided the manpower support to ensure that proper accounting procedures are adhered to in the distribution of rebates

Finally when its all over and time to go back, I got hold of our patriotic Tuai Rumah Dimbab for a pose - I have to salute his flag waving spirit which is why I am an instant fan.


Hahah...your news is better than the Borneo Post that i read daily. A good insight of the event.

But you surely feel tired, having to prepare for the coming of CM of Sarawak.
Tia said…
ehem.... ada gaya jadi YB lah!!! bush jacket ya ngancam gilak... he he he

it's gonna be some tiring days for the next few weeks for u..
Willie - i do try my best in being informative

Mama Belian - it will be a tiring week, definitely for everyone in this area but one must enjoy the work so that it wont be a burden :)
Pn Hamidah said…
Your pictures often come with good descriptive text and your informative writings on interesting events are obviously the reasons why readers are attracted to your blog. So with the by-election round the corner, our Sri Aman deputy Resident will have his hands full with preparations and managing related events.Wish you all the best sir and looking forward to more upcoming infos. TQ. :)
Agent Hammy - thank you for your supporting comments :) it helps to tell me I am going in the right direction :)
Nimi Momo said…
I showed the aerial photo of the police apmt at Lubok Antu to a cousin too. It helped me to see their project progress over that side in LA.
Pemancha II said…
Hi DJ,

I really really love reading your blog. Very informative and easy to understand. Not like other blogs that school too high but not informative.

Good blog you have and I am your loyal fan. True like others said, it is much better than Borneo Post.

When are you coming to KL? Dont forget to buzz me ok, hopefully I am not working on shift when you are around.

Blog enggi aku alu enda kala update.

* Thank you for your advice that day ....