Clash of Three

Three Musketeers in Batang Ai

It was confirmed to me by Mr. Adiman that there will be Three presence in the N.29 Batang Ai Election. Though details are still blurr at the moment, but the people in Lubok Antu know them well, even those coming from outside of town will acknowledge the presence of the three. I have checked with the Returning Officer for the By-Election and if all goes well, three banners will be flying over this small town come Nomination and Election time. My analysis on the status, strengths and popularity if time permits before Nomination Day - even tomorrow if I can get it wrapped up soon!


Salak said…
Look forward your analysis, Desmond!

Some believe Johnny Chuat might come in but Jawah reckoned the BN votes might be split as a result which suggests that there are dissenting voices amongst the very BN Iban voters in Batang Ai.
Salak said…
Johnny won without contesting as independent.

Still, your analysis would be fun!
YEa Yea...election is coming soon. I am excited to know who will win!
Pn Hamidah said…
So it's going to be a three-corner fight so who's got the edge and who's gonna split the votes? See how's your analysis gonna be.
cyrildason said…
I'm relishing the prospect of seeing whom will win this election..