100 Days

Keeping Track

Being an ardent follower of the After 40 Blog (Now 41tahun Blog) by Uchukeling I always like to keep track of my progress on my 100th day into the age of 40. I used to ask my staff to mark my first year in the office and I think they are doing it quite diligently now as they count how many times I throw up a fit when things do not get done. Its also a sign of ageing. But then again I do not put too much pressure on myself as Obama has it tougher because the whole world is counting his first 100 days. How much has he achieved? We do not have to worry about that as there will be thousands if not millions of websites doing that. For my weblog I do my own evaluation of my milestone. What's the biggest thing in my first 100 days into 40? I will have to say this, its meeting The King at backstage!

Benchmarking Obama's 100 days

100th Day being 40 - Though I would have loved to bring Peace to the World in my lifetime but I am no Obama but well, Meeting the King of Rocking Roll - backstage was my bonus I guess! Thanks Elvis @ Chua of Sibu!


Pn Hamidah said…
Since you turned 40 and by your official capacity,I've read so much on your activities and valuable services rendered to benefit those local community so thats some achievements that you may need to consider in keeping track of your own progress.As regards to Elvis @ Chua of Sibu, who is this guy? Is he for real and where does he perform?To me personally he doesn't look as hot as the guy next to him hahaha...Just kidding and don't get any ideas haha.Thanks.:)
Cool pic... Elvis huh..?

I just hit the big 30 and i haven't thought of keeping track of my 100 days into the 30
Sebugey said…
ha..ha..that's a good one!!
Tia said…
am counting myself..... less than 100 days to 40.. he he he
headsteadi said…
I thought you wanted to "live" for "Elvis" for 100 days. LOL.

So, was he the champion of Sibu?
Uchu Keling said…
Thanks for being a fan.
So did The King serenade you with Love me Tender or some such song?

About Obama's first couple of weeks, er, lots of mis-steps. Personally, I won't use CNN to get my news especially about Obama!
;) thanks all - Elvis @ Chua is a former seniro School Alumni member whom I just got to know also. He was performing a lot of Elvis songs and can be said to be Sibu's Elvis and he talks like him too. Hammy I know that the color red emits the hot aura :) I will try to get this Elvis wearing his all red outfit :)
Puteri - any sites you can recommend to get a better opinion on his tenureship as President? :)
Well, the mainstream media here has been in the tank for Obama for over 2 years now. When you watch or read the news here, the softball questions being asked of him, the lack of objectivity regarding his proposed stimulus package and cabinet appointees, the non-coverage of certain issues that they know will not reflect Obama in a good light ... you get the idea.

I recommend http://newsbusters.org/ for some "busting" of the news from the mainstream media.
GC said…
wah Elvis, "the King is in the house" hehehe, cool :D
Ruis Jugah said…
hahaha...if only elvis hair is less apro