Change To Believe In

Its Time To Change

Yes, that was the message I got from some of my buddies today. There is a need to change and the change must be one that is for the good of everyone. Not one that is being percieved as change by just one person but by all, through the democratic process. Its time to get involved, to move towards a new direction. Change we must and I thank you for the invitation.

SMS Message to come to the Sarawak Dayak Graduate's Association AGM - the message is loud and clear. Some change needs to be done and I am going to do just that.

So I summoned my meanest looking henchmen and most mighty warriors to discuss on the strategies needed for change. After all 'change' is nothing new. Next month we do expect some power shift in Kuala Lumpur as the new Prime Minister takes over the country's steering wheels.

We started discussing change and we came to one agreement that a mix colour of orange and blue would be a good start

And change we did! I am glad that I am part of this change as our office pursues the 5S - making our workplace and work station a better environment. It is a positive change. Everyone chipped in with their share of ringgits and sens. The office has no funds for the project and we have to do all this during our weekends. Change we must and there was no stopping us.

Before change

After change!

Its a good feeling because its the change I believe in. Its the change that i have control of and not one that requires any cloak and daggers. A better workplace means the mind will be clear to continue serving the needs of the people.

And so, thanks for the inspiration Obama - I am sorry I can't join you guys and gals in Kuching for the important event. I have to do my part anyway in being a change agent here - I managed to change the color of my office so far So I wish the aspiring candidates all the best and I hope that you can bring the desired change you believe in. For me, i will just stick with the change that is within my area of control. Cheers Obama!


PPS said…
Good luck, my devt. friends. You can make changes anywhere but not your hearts. Sometimes there's something too good to change...
Arrrgghhhhhkkk!! Obama on your phone! He is not my idea of change! One month in office, the msg is still crisis, crisis, crisis ... and the market's reaction? Tanking.

BTW, nice combination of colors for the office! Now that is something I can cheer.
PPS said…
That Obama on the phone, looks like ObaMawi to me!! He...he...