Happy ValenTime

Time is Precious

Most of my buddies keep asking me how my Valentine was - and I told them that if you are with the ones whom you love during that time it should be very meaningful. For those who are in the process of falling in love or being in love then its quite straightforward. For those who have a problem with trying to find out whom to love, its going to be a confusing as the affairs of the heart can be quite problematic. But affairs of the heart are man made (also woman made). It gets complicated because we make it complicated. I should know so because I have been called up a few times to assist in troubled relationships and its rather taxing on the emotion even if you are not part of the problem ~ you tend to get sucked in. What more, if you work in the Resident Office as the Resident is the one who registers special marriage license for non muslim couples, those who are below 18 years but not 16 years old. You see couples who are very much in love and you also get to see some fall out of love as they will still come either to the District Office or to our office for some counseling sessions. So in the long run, you do tend to get immune of these affairs of the heart which can be a dangerous distraction as you tend to see the same pattern developing in all these relationships, each couple or individual believing that their problem is unique. It gets worst if the guy(s) or lady/ladies involved in the web or confusion are your friends and they only tell you after things get out of hand. This 'Love' virus like to strike you anytime, irregardless of age, when you least expect it and we know viral infections are pretty hard to contain. It tends to get wierder in some instances but I will leave that to those with a higher level of thinking.

Flower for missus beside Shania's most precious bear - she named it May Lin (May Lin on my car windscreen guides me everytime I commute to and fro Sri Aman - Kuching)

Going back to my post - I'll say its all about ValenTime. Its the quality time that you share with your loved ones. I know I lack the quantity as I am not always with the family. Every moment is to be cherished, every seconds remembered, every heartbeat of feelings treasured. I had a swell time this Valentine and I hope yours was too. I got to see Georgette expressing Love in her own way by "Going Bald" for the Sarawak Children Cancer's Society. You did good there girl!

So you see, Love is a many splendored things and it need not refer to the romantic kind. Which reminds me of the lyrics to the song:

Love is a many-splendored thing,
It's the April rose that only grows in the early spring,
Love is nature's way of giving a reason to be living,
The golden crown that makes a man a king.
Lost on a high and windy hill,
In the morning mist two lovers kissed and the world stood still,
When our fingers touch my silent heart has taught us how to sing,
Yes, true love's a many-splendored thing.


Love Is A Many-splendored Thing Lyrics


You do not have to sing it like Franks Sinatra or Engelbert Humperdick - if you have the heart to sing it, its good enough. Happy belated ValenTime :)


Love is in the air...
Pn Hamidah said…
It is often said that love is all about deep emotional connections, so we can rarely conclude the complexity of the affairs of the heart be it man-made complicated or otherwise until we get there.Therefore, if given the weird circumstances and accidental opportunities, we may or may not slip and cross the line thus fail to sustain control of the supposedly flawless love. There are people who believe that troubled relationship is best kept a secret while there are those who prefer to be vocal and open about it. At some level we tend to fall for those who seemingly own the qualities and wisdom that are complementary to ours. Having said that,and for better or worse, we strive and struggle to survive and save the existing relationship and keep the romance and intimacy alive.
Tia said…
i dont really celebrate valentine, too commercialised oledi... love matters for what is in ur heart, to me.. :)
Hahah... not been visitinf your blog . I wonder why my blog didn't update yours. maybe something is wrong with the update application.

Anyway, happy belated valentine's day