After LISA

After my last posting on LISA (Lost in Sri Aman) last year I made it a point to catch up with this little girl in the picture. Maybe it was luck that I was updating some of the pictures in my blog when the picture reminded me of that promise I made to myself. Seeing her walking towards the kindergarden which was about 2 km away with the mum in tow carrying her daughter's heavy school bag showed how determined she was.

The picture above was taken in September 2008. Due to my tight schedule later I never got to honour my promise in 2008 and I do not know whether she would still be in kindy this year or whether she had graduated to Primary One.

One fine February morning I just dropped by into the small building which housed the KEMAS kindy hoping to catch a glimpse of the little lady. There were ten children in the class but I could not identify her. Question and asnwer session was met with silence as I believed they are not accustomed to recieved strangers - especially one who came in full gear and necktie and a camera. Even the teacher was speechless. I have to stop making unannounced visits. It was good that I did too as I manage to find out from the teacher that they have have no electricity all this while. Which in fact made me feel stupid when i asked if the class has any computers and IT awareness lessons.

And as I was about to leave a familiar figure of a little girl with cap and the mum as usual trying to catch up appeared at the kindy entrance. I finally met the mysterious little girl and was informed by her teacher that she is in her final year of kindy. The mum introduced her as Lina and I adviced her to study hard as she was also not used to some 'City looking stranger' asking questions. I promised to Lina's teacher and mum that I will do what I can with regards to connecting the kindy with electric supply and find some ways to bring in one PC either from donors or KEMAS adminstrators. But first thing first.

Google map of Lina's Home & school somewhere in the Munggu Tapang area - Google map from 3600 feet elevation. Its about 40km from Sri Aman Town. The visit was quite an eye opener and I hope to visit other kindies in the course of inspecting other development projects in the Division. It is not only the chidlren that needs the education - I too need some reeducation on the needs and shortcomings of rural kindies such as these.


headsteadi said…

Luckily they didn't call the police about a stalker in office attire complete with neck tie.

Just curious, Lina's home to the kindie looks like very far. How many km in actual course?

I'm very impressed with your dedication as well! You are truly a YB (Yang Berkhidmat). If have 10 more people like you serving every districts, the state is blessed!

Keep it up bro ...
headsteadi said…
aih ... where's my long comment gone?
Which long comment brader? Looking for it for u :)
Unknown said… been quite sometimes that even though is near the main road but we still haven't receive electricity like other kampung and bus now day is hard to get in this area. That is how the life have been there.
Pn Hamidah said…
Here we have in person a wholly committed administrator playing a significant role in reaching out to those areas deprived of even basic amenities.Lina and her kindy mates are blessed that the administration of the day is always sensitive and ready with proactive measures to address their constraints pertaining to educational needs.The relevant department's allocation and individuals' contributions if it may come must be for some noble cause as this.
Ruis Jugah said…
good job brother
Nimi Momo said…
and yet we have one of the largest power producer in the country. sigh..

i am so amazed by the mother-daughter determination. it took my breath away to see the map and what it means.
Tu meh dikumbai kitai community service..tumb-up.
Small thing will give deep impact.
Best Regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai