Duty Calls

Come Merdeka celebrations I know that I would not be able to able to enjoy the holidays like I used to when I was a kid. There's a difference. Either you watch Merdeka Celebrations at your own leisure be it on television or at the venue of the celebration in your respective Statesor you are part of the team that organises part of the celebrations.

This year for Sarawak, the State level celebration is held in Miri come 31 August 2007 while the grand celebration is held at Kuala Lumpur. If last year in August I had been assigned to Merdeka 2006 Protocol duties in the National Level Merdeka Celebrations, this year I am becoming part of the Sarawak Pavilion Team to showcase Sarawak's achievements since independence in 1963 at the 50 Years Merdeka Expo, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

The Sarawak Pavilion: Sarawak history panel with the pictures of pre independence for everyone

Our curiously unique bamboo design - with the bunga tersang deco gateway

The YAB Prime Minister, dropped by and was given some Sarawak souveniers including the black and yellow beads orang ulu necklace plus the ear rings which is being handed over by the Director of Sarawak Muzium, Mr. Sanib.

Though I would like to write about my experience in being part of this team, the highs and lows, I won't want to bog down this Merdeka post. Yeap....all those planning, triumps and also frustrations are just part of the game. The important thing is that everyone smile away those exhausting hours because it pays off when the Prime Minister chose our Pavilion as one of the place to visit. That's a high five for the Sarawak Pavilion team. So if any of you are anywhere in Kuala Lumpur between 30th August and 2 September 2007, come over to the Sarawak Pavilion.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!


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