Back With A Bang!

Nadai Nama Nama is Back!

Nadai Name's back with a bang - literally! Someone hit my car while I was driving along Ong Tiang Swee road. It was a Saturday and I was on an official assignment early in the morning. While on the way back to pick up my baby, I was cruising along at most 40km per hour, along with the other cars on the main road when suddenly a barnd new MyVi came out of a road junction. I can't say what that driver was thinking. He just conviniently crashed into my car as I was non existent. I guess I will reserve my swear words for not since this is a self censored blog. I could have gone berserk that day - especially with all the care I have done to make sure my car was in constant perfect condition. It seems that being extra careful on your part sometimes really does not help when the other party is careless. Damn!

My poor poor car

Well at least his car was newer

We caused a minor traffic jam for a while

Anyway, this serves as an opening post for Nadai Name's return. More to come later as I see how my car is doing at the workshop.


Anonymous said…
Apuuuuu...nadai berhati hati amat Myvi nyak nehh..sebarang langgar aja..enda ngawa bos..asal semua selamat
Apai Salleh said…

You need to upgrade...2nd Hand Ford Ranger at least.