Malaysia Merdeka!

Sarawak Celebrates

Come 31 August 2007 Malaysia celebrates her 50th Birthday! Almost everyone is in a jubilant and festive mood. The scene is Sarawak is similiar to all the other States. Flags are flying - if not on the buildings and cars, its in our heart. The media at one time made a boo hoo about some places lacking the spirit of patriotism. Since then I would say there is a difference now. I was thinking, shouldn't that sense of patriotism be there everyday and not just when Merdeka is around the corner. Like they say "Valentine is everyday" kinda thing.

The top manaement in the State Government's Administration launching the Flag Ceremony at Wisma Bapa Malaysia on 15th August 2007

So what does Merdeka mean to everyone of us Malaysians? Monsterblog has a posting on Srikathirasa's perspective.

I quote the Monsterblog "I have been fortunate enough to have met our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj on a few occasions after his retirement and at one meeting, I had a long chat with him. He was always drumming home the message that Malaysians must work for unity; that unity is the bedrock of this nation.The Tunku told me Malaysians must adapt to each other, must understand each other’s ways and not assume that only they were right or only their way was right.“Whatever, we do,” he said, “We must think of Malaysia, whether our actions will harm or heal.”

I visited the other blogs who wrote about Merdeka and managed to pick up points on what they have to say of Merdeka:

- Free from Colonialism
- Master of our own Destiny
- National Holiday
- Holiday - don't have to go to school
- Unity Day (various races/religious exist together in harmony)
- Modern Country
- Vision 2020

Go to Merdeka Virtual Malaysia for more fun about Merdeka. The State level merdeka Month Celebration itself will be held in Kapit on 17 August 2007, officiated by the Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Sarawak - Striving to be a Developed State

Sarawak's Independence journey in Malaysia and effort to becoming a developed State came to effect on 7th July 1963 (after a lot of discussions and negotiations) when Tun Jugah as Chairman of the Sarawak Alliance, the Datu Bandar, Ling Beng Siew and Datu Abang Haji Openg flew to London as the State's represntatives for the signing of the Malaysia Agreement on 9th July 1963.

From left: Mr. Duncan Sandys, British Commonwealth Secretary with Temenggong Jugah, who was one of the six representatives of Sarawak, British Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister of the Malays Federation, Tunku Abdul Rahman and deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak during the signing of the Malaysia Agreement at Marlborough House, London on 9 July 1963.

London Mission Accomplished: From left is Datu Abang Haji Openg, Tun Jugah, Datu Bandar & Ling Beng Siew after their return from London. They kicked off the Merdeka momentum

Lest we forget how our forefathers struggled for our freedom, its true that sometimes our younger generation need to understand the true meaning of Merdeka. Not only that, they have to soldier on the efforts made by the present leaders. We have to constantly remind ourselves that it is for them that we are preparing the future and they have to understand that they should be ready to take over that responsibility.

Our younger generation - building the future and hope for them. Merdeka to them should be about hope.

Have we done our part to make sure that they understand the meaning of Independence?

What does Independence mean to Priyanka? India celebrates her 60th Independence on 15 August 2007. To date India has 1.1 billion poor and undernourished people.

I dread thinking that we may have shortchanged our children. Everyone of us have our role to ensure that our future generation can look forward to a better tomorrow. Let's do our part.

Proton Persona

Proton recently introduced a new member in their family and I was amongst the first few who rushed to the nearest Proton dealer to have a look at the Proton Persona. There are two units at M & D Motors at Jalan Setia Raja available for viewing.

The Persona as seen from the rear

More views of the Proton Persona - with its Vios like rear which provides more space compared to Gen 2 version.

I was almost tempted as the price was just right. My opinion about this car is like any normal person's opinion, so I believe one should consult the expert like Paul Tan. But at the moment my present car is working just fine and its also a Proton so don't say I am not patriotic. I will give a good word for our National car. At this point, I will say its value for money..... its the money that I don't have now.


cyrildason said…
Its hard to admire the Persona rear shot you took with another beautiful rear also in the photo..heheheh..

I think you know waht I mean..hehe..
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hey bro, lama enda blogging...pia mega lama enda nyenguk kitu deh. Congrats for being one of the shortlisted candidates.I do agree with many ppl out there who are your loyal readers that this is one of the best blog to hang out at and get updated. you made me one of the blogger too, thank you for that I should say. Anyway, just drop by to say HI and see how you are doing, definitely you are doing fine. Take Care bro. I miss you guys
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The lady is the REAL persona .. theheeeheeee.. The bumper, ahhh who cares about VIOS.
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Mmg sinonim jalur gemilang dgn bulan kemerdekaan...tiap kali bulan Ogos, rakyat d galakkan kibarkan jalur gemilang kt umah ker, kt keta ker..pendek kata kt maner2 lah...

Paling bes, tgk jalur gemilang d kibar kt depand bonet keta...ade yg siap letak sticker jalur gemilang kt keta...fuyoohh bersemangat tengok...

Tapi tak penah pun nmpk VVIP ker VIP, tauke2 balak ker kibar jalur gemilang kt keta dorang...keta kerajaan adalah tapi keta persendirian???

Macam ketam menyuruh anak nya berjalan dgn betul...
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