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When I got word from the oranisers of the AllMalaysianBloggers Project that my blog has been shortlisted in their list of Top 20 I did not know what it was all about. I had signed up for so many things in the Internet and never knew that the organisers would be seriously doing something about blogs and bloggers. I did not know that this simple blog can be shortlisted and I have to thank them for that. However I hope the readers would not be confused about my "Nothing" Blog (Nadai Nama Nama). Read by my family, close friends and colleagues, I was not sure if this simple blog could come to this level. This blog was idle for a while when I was changing servers so I really forgot about my registration for the competition. When I went through the other 19 blogs in the competition, I said to myself... "Gosh...its like being in the company of Premier Bloggers" and I do feel so small compared to them. While their postings are quite specific in subject - about travel, nice photo shots, food, celebrities, humour, hobby..... I am trying to fit in my blog into some specific subject. "Why Nadai Nama?" is a frequent question I get. In Iban "Nadai Nama Nama" means nothing at all. It was supposed to be written in the Iban language, to link with Puteri's Blog (she also has an English Blog called Puteri's Musings) and Gerubi Tuai whom I kept in contact in my early blogging years. Both are in the United States and they are quite well versed in the language. And because it is supposed to start from "Nothing" I registered the domain name Nadai Nama Nama when the "Dot Name" was introduced and given on offer. So my blog journey began and when I realised my Iban language vocabulary was confined to a few hundred words - unable to express myself and convey the message like Puteri and Gerubi, I made the decision to change over to English immediately but I kept my Nadai dot Name domain.

I thank those Internet Wizards who enabled pictures to be uploaded to our blogs. It does make blogging easier and share stories with everyone who come by. Thus photos will be a main feature of Nadai Nama Nama's postings and story line. So from Nothing Nadai Nama Nama is a transformed blog - and its going to be about:

Nadai Nama Nama is about the Internet, in Sarawak in particular, and living it. The fact I am making this blog from Sarawak, some small dot on Borneo Island means the Internet development here is progressing well

Sharing my Internet journey and technology with my baby - as a parent I have to make sure I guide her in every clicks so that she can appreciate it. When I was still in my secondary school years I used to be scared of computers. Those early programming books I was exposed to looked as its only for those who have Einstein's IQ

The story of my adventures and misadventures - be it in real life or in cyberspace. The viruses. hackers and phisers in cyberspace are as dangerous as those thugs who mug you in the streets. You have to watch out for the criminals of a different nature in cyberspace coz they can destroy your life just the same (Am I watching too many movies?).

I am aware of the bad publicity blogs are getting. Being a Civil Servant in the State Civil Service, it gets tougher. I screen my posts and make sure I don't ruffle my superiors' attention. I try to speak No Evil and I also try to type No Evil in my Blog . Any responsible blogger should know their limits.

Nadai Nama Nama is about family and the things we do. I also try my best to promote the Internet technology to them. So far most of them have embraced broadband.

I get to organise a lot of activities and I also get invited to a lot of them in Sarawak too. Thus I am able to capture some of the events that I will share in my blog. It enables me to post about the beauty and colours of Sarawak

While travelling I get to experience interesting sights and images and this enables me to share those stories of development that takes place in my beloved Sarawak and how its keeping pace with the other States in Malaysia

I also get to meet different people, from all walks of life and I interact with them as much as I can. That's part of my job and its something that I enjoy as I get to view their perspective. I got to meet this brother and sister when they were on their way to attend boarding school in Mukah. They boarded the bus from Selangau, about 40 minutes ride to Mukah. In previous years one would see them walking to school which can take hours to reach.

Sometimes work offers some interesting moments where one can experiment with the technology and discover new things

Like other food bloggers, sometimes I do come across interesting food spots and I have opened up another Fun Blog for that which will be linked to my main blog but I choose to feature the best only

Fun places and hangouts will also be a feature in my Fun Blog. Its about finding the best place to have a drink or two and chit chat about anything under the sun

I can go on but I leave this at that. Going to Genting Highlands is like a dream for this Sarawakian. To my 19 blogger friends I wish them good luck. We share the same passion in blogging about the things we love - without really expecting anything in return. Which is why I have to thank the organisers - MyMalaysiaInfo and MyStar.

It does not matter what the outcome will be. I hope the AllMalaysia Info bloggers project will bring light to the positive side of blogging. With it we can set standards for ourselves. But most important of all it will allow us to make friends with fellow bloggers and share the joys of this technology. For me, my blog will continue to share the images of Sarawak as I see it. Malaysia approaches Vision 2020 in another 13 years and Sarawakians hope they can share the achievements of becoming a Developed State with their Malaysian counterparts:

Some people love the serenity this scene has to offer. But its not within the reach of the latest communication technology like the Internet. The only means of communication is the satellite telephone 'ATUR'. Electricity is by means of generators which is limited to a few hours a day (due to the high cost of gas) and water supply is mostly from the rain and mountain (usually affected by the hot weather). There are many such places in the State.

Compare this setting at The Mines - the modern canals and modern surroundings, with the river scene above - it does seem that becoming a Developed State may seem an impossible task but with the right strategies we may just reach it if everyone chips in.

Malaysia celebrates 50 Years or Merdeka this month. I find myself smack in the middle of the celebration. Many people say it is not 50 years..... but whatever it is I choose not to be sucked into the political whirlpool and argument of it. We won't get anywhere with that and just leave that to our political masters. After all we did vote them to represent us right?

There's still a lot that needs doing. Should we lament about it or should we do something about it? As a blogger I do my part in highlighting the areas of improvement we need to focus on. My journey in blogosphere continues.


cyrildason said…
This is a great post Desmond..

Wish you luck too..

and hope to meet SPU and hope to meet SPU again, on the field I mean..
Kc and Yk said…
The last time I visited Sarawak was in 1993 and after going through your blog "I will be back" to visit...
thanks for the good luck wishes. good luck to you too
Anonymous said…
Great post u hv ter..I liked d lst pic..remind me abt my 'kampung homestay' those days wt my grandparent..
Hi... Thanks for visiting catscity hehehe... Good luck to you too. It looks like many Sarawakians are in! YES! Anyway, this is my other blog, :)
Wilson Chin said…
is very enjoyable to read ur blog, i like it very much, keep it up fren :)
Alwizbme said…
Hi desmond.. good luck to you too.. I have never been to Sarawak, maybe when I finally there I'll look you up..
Unknown said…
I've been to Kuching twice..
Such a lovely place with great foods.
But that was 10 years ago.
I wish I can get there someday, since the travel cost much2 cheaper now is it? hehe..

Thanks for passing by Ayer Hitam.
Good luck to you too.
RunWitMe said…
Hello! Good luck 2u2. Your blog is a pleasure to read! Great entry for the Top 20 too. ;)

I remember you. I posted some queries on Sarawak Marathon couple of years back and you answered!

Any run coming in Sarawak? I hope to run around those big round about again. :)
emilayusof said…
Hi Desmond, whta a great post! Congrat for making the top 20 and good luck to you too! Thank you for visiting my blog.
Thanks for the mention! Did check my technorati linkback, so just today discovered that you made it to the top 20 blogs of malaysia! Congratulations on that feat!