Valentine Survivor?

Valentine's Day - Oh No!
So tomorrow's Valentine's Day. Am I allowed to put up a caricarure of St. Valentine in here? To be on the safe side I probably would not.

Yes its that time of the year again. For the aspiring Romeos - who have their Juliets in waiting, then there is not much problem. You have a partner, so that is alright. Those who are still single, come on now, what is there to wait for? Malaysia's female population exceeds that of male as reported in the last National (Banci) Census. So don't go giving lame excuses - and don't be choosy.

Let's see how we can categorise the various group of people on Valentine's Day. We have:

Romeo & Juliet - No problem there
Romeo & Juliet (and Jane somewhere in his mind) - Not a Big Problem
Romeo & Juliet (and Jane, Audrina, Caroline in his mind) - Small and Manageable problem
So is the case of Juliet who has Romeo (and Tom and Dick and Harry in her mind) - No problem
Romeo & No Juliet - A small problem as he can hang out with his other sinbgle friends
Juliet & No Romeo - Same as above (Can lepak with her single girlfrens)
Romeo & Romeo - Not a problem depending in which country you are staying
Juliet & Juliet - same as Romeo & Romeo case

So there - not much of a social impact there for this coming Valentine.... but wait!! What if...

Married Romeo & Juliet (He has single/married Joan in his mind and she has single/married Johnny in her mind)

That can be a Big Problem and social scientiets have come up with various theories and formula to explain these wierd behaviours. Some term it as Mid Life Crisis, Seven Years Itch or (One Year Ouch!), Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Basic Instinct and bla bla bla..... or we can just call it in a very simple scientific term, Just Plain Dumb. Nah... I leave that to you coz when these things happens there are a million of explainable medical cases to refer to around the world. For me, I will see if I can get away with Playing Dumb....hehehe... "Wife: Honey, you know what day is tomorrow?" "Me: Yeah, its Tuesday...."Wife: No, tomorrow is a special day, can you guess what?" Me: Oh ya hor... I forgot liaw, tomorrow Magnum 4D got Special Draw One!"

Yikes - this would be a good time for some good writers to come up with a 'How To Survive Valentine's Day' Guide! I am sure it will be a national bestseller every year. It should not incorporate on how to find a partner, but also on how to manage an existing relationship, build on it and go through the relationship without having to think of One Night Stands. Furthermore, a guide on how to survive the inflatory costs of Valentine Dinner packages and flowers on that day would also help. Gone are the days that you can pluck some flowers in the middle of the Highway now and not get caught by the Council enforcement officers for vandalism.

I could go on and on...... but well.... to all bloggers, go out there and have fun! You can tell me if you are a Valentine Survivor or not!


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Coconut Ice said…
happy valentine's day :D

(am currently in the status od Juliet & no Romeo...any takers? :P)
Coconut Ice said…
*od = of
Wilson Chin said…
happy valentine's day pangyao. remember to buy a roce for ur wife oh..
Miriguy said…
whoah.. thats a thorough research about relationship you got there :)
I am definitely the romeo with no juliet this year. sigh :(