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Neighbour's Wedding

The neighbourhood had a brief view of a love story. It was early in the morning I was not aware of the excitement across the house. It was until I saw a convoy of cars going to our neighbour's house that I realise that the daughter was getting married. The couple's car was a unique 'gold' in colour, nicely decorated. As I had just woke up, I was too inappropriately dressed to get a quick photo of the memorable event.

The car convoy arrives at the bride's house

The groom's van - belonging to Fah.Com.My

The long string of fireworks

The couple enters the car

The lovely bride
Fear Is Not A Factor
I would have joined to congratulate the wedding couple if not for a brief moment of adventurism I experienced at the Euro Fun Fair the night before. It was my second trip there since last December 2005 and this time it was with my in-laws who came all the way from Miri. I was suffering from an overdose of adrenaline pump. Maybe it was the dare that my bro in law, Anderson gave me that made me do it. After that we rode the other crazy rides as I tried to keep up with him. But I have to admit, my desire for the high risk rides has its limits as I almost threw up while riding the Destructor. Urgh.... it was equivalent to a ride that aspiring astronauts would try for their first level test, but it was enough for me to decide that I do not want to be an astronaut....I would never leave my sofa, television and the delicous laksa to go to space. In other words, I have to admit - I am no Fear Factor material. I do hide behide the sofa if there's a horror movie on television.

The ticket to the Extreme Ride - Costs 6 Tokens (RM12)

The Extreme Ride Capsule

The part time Astronaut on the Extreme Ride!

The Fear Factor candidates - with my bro in laws (Anderson Gawan and Paul Boniface) on The Destructor.

What you get to see on the Destructor

A brief video of the ride experiences (Minus our Screams!)

The Extreme Ride


Miriguy said…
Wah... So fun. I would try that one day.
Uchu Keling said…
I can imagine how you look like when you just woke up and went out to take those wedding photos :D
Woo... I like that car. Subaru Outback! Cool! Your neighbour's chick looks pretty.