Prime Minister in Kuching

This last two days we had the Members of Parliament Backbenchers Club having their Retreat in Kuching. Now the Cat City has the honour of having the Prime Minister join us in the City. Actually there was another dinner last night, also with the Prime Minister in attendance, but it was a Barisan Nasional Dinner, organised and held at Damai Lagoon Resort - so I opted out of the event as I was quite overly fed - a case of too much good food.

The dinner tonight however is organised by the State Government and hosted by the Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak. It was quite a grand occassion made more colourful by the use of the Dewan Santapan which is the Legislative Assembly's prestigous hall for official functions such as this. The Prime Minister arrived yesterday evening to officiate the closing ceremony of the Barisan Nasional Parliament Backbenchers' Club retreat function.

The grand Legislative Assembly Building beautifully lit up at night

The Cultural Welcome Group lines up the entrance to the Legislative Assembly Red Carpet Hall

The arrival of the Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak

The Chief Minister of Sarawak indicates all is well with his recovery - smiling throughout the chit chat session with YB Datuk Asfia, the Dewan Speaker and YB Datuk William Mawan, the Minister for Social Development

The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia arrives at the Dewan Entrance

All the VIPs are seated and ready for the next event

The grand Sarawak Legislative Assembly Dinner Hall

Speech by the Sarawak Chief Minister - From Sarawak's Development to Agropolis

Speech by the Prime Minister of Malaysia - stresses on focus of the Pembangunan Insan

Souvenier for the Prime Minister

Time to say goodbye, as the Prime Minister leaves the Dinner Hall

The Prime Minister and the Chief Minister leaves in th same official car for the Kuching International Airport
Everything ran smoothly for the whole event, right from the Parliament Backbencher's Retreat and activities, to the Deputy Prime Minister's brief visit to the Prime Minister's arrival himself. Its beena hectic week and everyone can pat themselves at the back for a job well done. I would again say kudos to the organising committee which was chaired by YB Datuk Awang Tengan and also YB Datuk Asfia :)


Wilson Chin said…
wow, thanks for showing the interior of The grand Legislative Assembly Building.
Nice review on the BN dinner :)
Uchu Keling said…
We have never get this close when comes to gov function. Ten Thumbs Up for you DJ!!! It is good to read something different from the one that appear on TV or the newsprint.