There's a time for everything and a time for everyone. Today its a time for me to spend my quality moments with my baby who turns three today :) one...a feeling I can never forget

Feeding my baby was quite a challenge

Learning to sit by herself

Competing for the PC with me since the fourth month

Sleep tight - usually that's only time the house gets enough peace

First Birthday Cake

Standing up for the first time - quite an experience to see

First tooth - no, there are two teeths

Second Birthday with grandma

Growing up quickly

Self discovery - curious with mirrors

Ah...the fun of being a Daddy :) u get to be a real Santa Claus on Christmas and get away with being silly!


Cheers man! I like kids but then I am afraid of owning them. I don't know.

Mixxxed Feelings!
DV...Ermm... there is one step you need to do before you have kids or can have kids :) I believe you know what that is :) overcome that fear first :)
Coconut Ice said…
she's so cute!! happy birthday lil girl
Unknown said…
Congratulations man.

How the time flies eh.She'll be hogging the phone and watching MTV all the time before you know it.
Wilson Chin said…
awww~~~~she is like an angle :)
happy belated birthday to ur little girl :)
Uchu Keling said…
Happy 3rd B'day Shania!! ... betul ke the name :D
enda berasai nyau dara anak nuan.
best bisi anak mit kan??..:)
hppy b'day to serani.