Selamat Hari Kebangsaan 2015

In the usual manner Nadai Nama Nama wishes to wish all Malaysians irregardless of race, colour or creed Happy Hari Kebangsaan 2015. It has been quite a roller coaster ride for many Malaysians as street protests were organised in Kuala Lumpur for two days and for one day in Sarawak and Sabah. But since Nadai Nama Nama touched on that in its previous post, it will do justice to this day also and that is our Hari Kebangsaan 2015.

To quote our Prime Minister during his Hari Kebaangsaan 2015 speech "Together we stand, let us together rise and let us together, with sincerity and renewed determination, look to the future with strength and independence in solidarity, with rhythm, of one heart and soul. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!" unquote. Dissecting the message of his speech, it means a lot to all Malaysians. Nadai Nama Nama agrees on the points:

  • This is a day not about our difference but a celebration of what we have in common.
  • We are one heart & one soul
  • Appreciate the sacrifices made by our security forces and forefathers 
  • Unite as we develop this country together

Nadai Nama Nama for one appreciates the efforts that leads us to reach this stage. Its been 47 years that this blogger has seen the history go by. In making our country a progressive one achieving developed status by 2020, which is soon, many more nation building efforts need to be done. There are forces everyday attempting to sow seeds of discord amongst the people of this country. A country that our children will inherit from us. So we must ensure that it will be a country that they can call home now and also for their children. A geographical location in the globe that they can identify and tell the whole world proudly, I am Malaysian.

This blogger has seen the different phases of development in his own State. Though not born at the time Malaysia was formed, he has been a part of that effort in trying to ensure Sarawak also benefits in its overall development. Though his role is small he believes as a citizen one should work as hard as your other fellow countrymen in walking that common path of nation building, working towards that desired goal of being successful in life as an individual and also as a Malaysian. Our home country is where we hope all will be provided for all these. Looking around us as Malaysia reaches 52 in age, one cannot deny that Sarawak has come a long way. But we must acknowledge that a lot more needs to be done as we are six years behind if compared to Semenanjung Malaysia. Our leaders  both political and administration need to work hand in hand, both at State and Federal level to deliver development and services to the people. This cannot be done if our country is in a state of chaos and instability. Maybe this author is naive at this old age but problems and issues that arise in this developing nation need to be addressed by its own internal system which it has built and not by outside interference. 

But then, this is just the author's view and well, this freedom of saying what needs saying in a blog is the freedom NNN appreciates, a capsule of the author's thoughts. Even if the law allows one to take to the streets to express one's inner feelings, Nadai Nama Nama believes one can solve matters in a civilised manner without resorting to actions that are detrimental to oneself and also others. Its not a culture known to the author as his Iban ancestors, by history, if its a gathering, its either for a Gawai celebration or its a war expedition. The author does not recall if any of his past relatives carried placards or held demonstrations during the Sarawak anti-secession movements last time. Now we are in modern times, we do not live in a vacuum where our actions won't affect the others next to you. You can smoke if you are a smoker, its your right and your health but remember that secondary smoke will also affect the health of the person nearby. But if its shoulder to shoulder we have to stand, let it be for the same purpose of developing Malaysia. This country will go a long way as we build a future full of hope for our future generation. Let us go forth with One Heart and One Soul. 

Selamat Hari Kebaangsaan 2015.