BERSIH 4 Movie

BERSIH 4.5 (patch) in Sarawak version ~ my expectation (original image source: Jurassic World)

I am looking forward to a good movie this weekend and also to celebrate the Merdeka holiday which has been aptly renamed to Independence‬ Day (31 August 2015). I was already dreaming of getting pop corns ahead of these gathering thingy, organised under this umbrella named BERSIH. They have this fancy numbers added to the end of the name, but I never understood its significance anyway. Call it some software patches that our computer gets where the software are getting regular updates. Hahaha... that's funny because I have been receiving hundreds of patches for my Operating System (OS) but there are still some bugs to the point they have to introduce a new OS. 

My concern is more to our men in blue during these events, our Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) who, under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 are required to make sure the rally participants are protected and safe. Gatherings of this nature used to be quite damaging leading to overturned police and public vehicles as there was no outlet for unhappy Malaysians to express themselves. If the Americans and Europeans can organise protest so can we. Probably its the Kiasu thing we Asians are famous for. Fortunately the Act which allows this rallies to be organised was passed through Parliament under the administration of the present Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib. Ironically the planned rally is organised to show BERSIH participants' dissatisfaction with him. 

I will just assume BERSIH organisers will say look, we have thousands of people coming for this rally (lets be generous and lets say 10% of the Malaysian population are out in the streets including those who may not be in the streets but stuck in traffic somewhere in the City). "10% of Malaysians are unhappy with you. We do not know much about the other 90% but see how unhappy this 10% are ~ we have to wear these lousy yellow t-shirts and its not cheap especially with our shrinking currency. Coming out here is sacrifice itself as you know how bad the traffic jam is with the road blocks. Taxi fares some more. Price of petrol and diesel also not cheap. So this 10% of us represent Malaysia as a whole termasuk Sarawak and Sabah." (reminder ~ i am just assuming again)

Well due to information blackout I will just smart guess that will be the message BERSIH is trying to push as one cannot access their website now because its been blocked by MCMC. It used to be about the more complex electoral technicalities (that new word gerrymandering which I first thought was related to Geri Spice Girl) but that seems less important now. Call it Bersih or Bersih 4.0 or BERSIH 4.51 or mini bersih here and there let us all remember our fellow RMP personnel. They are Malaysians too, sworn to protect all Malaysians and non Malaysians (some foreign tourists may not know about this event and join it by mistake thinking its part of Independence Day parade), not just BERSIH participants. I would not want to be in their shoes but their training have made them to prepare for any eventualities. I am reminded of a scene in the Jurassic World movie where Chris Pratt had to handle three vicious Velociraptors whose only focus and instinct were to kill and eat anything that moved.  So I believe when the Police comes face to face with their Malaysian Velociraptors-like cousins wearing yellow t-shirts roaming the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu, cool heads will rule. ‪During the rally there will be many of those tiny yellow Velociraptors scurrying around at the order of the smarter and larger Alpha dinosaur Indominus Rex. The less brainy ones will be bringing little children with them. But hey, I trust our uniformed personnel will act with the highest level of professionalism. 

BERSIH 4.0 in KL ~~ my expectation (original image source Malaysiakini & Jurassic World)

By the way I do have to get my pop corns early before these Velociraptors finish everything up. Have a fruitful weekend at the movies everyone.