All New in 2012

Changes in 2012

2012 has come. In fact its a week into 2012. Nadai Nama Nama has been in deep thought on what lies ahead. The new year will certainly be new in many aspects.

A new beginning is in store for this blog too as I will be working in a new challenging frontier. Being transferred back to Kuching after a three and half years stint in Sri Aman means some form of adaptation to city life again. Not much wildlife snapshots, maybe just photos of wild men working hard in their cubicles. The job is also new as I will be joining the Human Resource Management Unit of the Chief Minister's Department this month. What more with all those new gadgets coming into the market and apps that goes with it makes work more exciting. Actually I will try to apply them into my work so as to improve my team's productivity. There is a lot of catching up to do as the State Government's Sarawaknet Portal has been upgraded to make it more interactive among the officers in the service wherever they may be. So I am a bit behind in using this new communication platform as some of my colleagues seem to be armed with the latest smartphones and tablets. What is encouraging is that it will allow for easier networking with those in the different departments. So I will have to keep up with my fellow comrades. Let's make this investment by the State Government,  a combination of technology and humans, worthwhile to improve service delivery. It will be a waste if the standard of service we offer remains status quo even with the changes. Let's begin the transformation process.


Happy new year n welcome back to kuching. Any jobs for me in the department or not?